He killed his parents and threw them in the Adige, asked for life imprisonment and daytime isolation for a year for Benno: ”A cold calculator. Not psychotic but psychopath”

BOLZANO. Life imprisonment for aggravated multiple homicide e daytime isolation for a whole year. This is the request of the prosecutors Federica Jovene and Igor Secco for Benno Neumair the 31-year-old from Bolzano who murdered his parents, Laura and Peter, who were then thrown into the Adige. As you will remember for days the young man pretended not to know anything about what happened except then, with the discovery of the mother’s body, ”find” the memory and admit the double murder. Also for this the prosecution asked that any extenuating circumstances not be recognized because the confession made by the 31-year-old would have been superfluous at that point because it was made after the body was found.

In May one of the most important hearings of the trial during which the experts were heardthe criminologist Isabella Merzagora, the psychiatrist Edoardo Mancioppi and the psychologist Marco Samory, who had to evaluate Benno’s ability to understand and want at the time of the two murders. The recognition of semi-mental illness has been one of the defendant’s keys since the beginning of the trial. According to the experts appointed by the judge Benno allegedly had reduced willpower in the first killingthe one with the father, because the quarrel would have occurred triggered his personality disorder.

The situation is different for the second murder, that of the mother. In this case Benno, according to the technicians, was instead capable of understanding and wanting. There position of the experts it was though disputed in the classroom from civil action as the fact that there was an argument with the father is only the young man who tells it and therefore there is, always according to the lawyers of the civil parties, no certain element. They were to express themselves in a different way the experts of the Public Prosecutor’s Office according to which Benno was capable of understanding and wanting in both crimes.

The request of the deputy prosecutors Igor Secco and Federica Iovenand during the indictment before the Court of Assizes of Bolzano of life imprisonment also derives from the fact that Benno would have been a ”cold calculator” and would have arranged tall while also manipulating the people around him to build himself alibis and ”allies” after the disappearance of the parents. There lieagain according to the prosecutors, it would have been ”the red thread” that would characterized his behavior and that would not determine an attitude psychotic as well as ”psychopathic” with ”narcissistic” traits that determine its behavior dto offender and manipulator. In short no personality disorder such as to lead him not to understand what was he doingor, no guess of inability to understand and want. For this reason, the prosecutors have asked not to consider the general mitigations and therefore to obtain the maximum sentence for the double murder of his parents.

There Court has provided for the discussion of the process, including repeats, three days, until Saturday. After the indictment, the floor is up to the civil party lawyers – representing Made, Benno’s sisterand of Mrs Carla Perselli, sister of Laura – and subsequently will be held the speeches of Benno’s defense attorneys. On the basis of this calendar of proceedings, the Court should already retire to the council chamber on Saturday so as to be able to read the operative part of the sentence in the evening of the same day. In the case of should instead the discussion continue until it occupies the entire hearing on Saturday, the Court of Assizes would be forced to postpone the council chamber to Monday (if not even to Sunday).

He killed his parents and threw them in the Adige, asked for life imprisonment and daytime isolation for a year for Benno: ”A cold calculator. Not psychotic but psychopath”