He raped, kidnapped and murdered several women: “Psychopath of Copiapó” was sentenced to triple life imprisonment

07 Aug 2022 – 06:07 p.m.

What happened?

The Oral Criminal Court of Copiapó carried out this Sunday the sentence reading against Hugo Pastén Espinoza, popularly known as the “Psychopath of Copiapó”, who was sentenced to a sentence of triple life sentence and an additional 20 yearsfor the crimes of aggravated homicide, arson, kidnapping with homicide and child abduction with homicide.

Guilty as charged

This reading of the sentence came almost a month after last Wednesday, July 13, the Copiapó Oral Criminal Court found him guilty of the crime of child abduction with homicide, for the case of a teenager; Besides aggravated homicide crimes of Mariana Cabrera and Sussy Montalvan. For this last case he was also convicted of the crime of arson, since he set fire to Montalván’s house after committing the crime.

During the 36 days of Oral Trial that determined his guilt in the facts, the Public Ministry exposed the extensive investigation and the high number of records that had to be gathered to establish the dynamics of the crimes.

“We can say that this is an unprecedented case in the region in which the accused He did everything possible to hide the evidence that would lead to his indictment.mainly regarding the adult victims in whom Hugo Pastén Espinoza used fire to erase all kinds of evidence,” said the prosecutor in charge of the case, Christian González.

“However, the professional work of the Prosecutor’s Office and the PDI Homicide Brigade allowed to determine ways of acting of the accused and acts carried out after committing the murders,” he added.

History of Pasten

Pastén’s record of crimes begins in 2004, when beat and raped two women in a vacant lot. For this, he was arrested and formalized, being sentenced to 24 years in prison, of which he remained in prison for only 11 for good behavior.

These crimes were never accepted by the bus driver, alleging that it was the women who had sought him out him because “he was handsome”.

early 2019would commit these heinous crimes again, killing Sussy Montalvansubsequently to Mariana Cabreraand then to the minor, a teenager with the initials CAG

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All about Sicópata de Copiapó

He raped, kidnapped and murdered several women: “Psychopath of Copiapó” was sentenced to triple life imprisonment