He recounted an uncomfortable situation that he experienced in Miami from his car and confessed that he did not know how to react: “I was afraid”

The situations bewildering in the middle of traffic They can happen to anyone and it is not something exclusive to any city or country, but on many occasions there are mishaps that attract more attention than others.

The one from the beauty influencer Diana Boscan is an example. The woman was traveling in her car through Miami, the city where she lives, like any other day, but an unusual event left her very nervous and decided to use their networks to tell about it and ask for opinions about it.

It all started when Diana stopped at a traffic light because the light was red and Saw a homelessa man on the street, asking drivers to clean their windows in exchange for money. One of them told him no, so the subject adopted an aggressive attitude against the motorist. “Obviously I was scared and inside I said ‘please God that this man does not ask me to wash the glass,'” the woman said in the video.

Unfortunately for you, the man approached her to make the same request as the others. She fearful, she assured that she chose to turn to another side to pretend that she did not see him and thus not be forced to answer him. The individual, however, went for more. “I was looking the other way, but he started banging on the glass… From fright I turned and looked at him and said ‘no thanks’”, the influencer continued narrating.

This was the unexpected situation that happened to a tiktoker in Miami

Then, he said that the subject began to make strange expressions on the other side of the glass: “Psychopath faces,” the girl described. Although that was not all, since according to her she ended up telling, the man he stuck out his tongue and licked the glass.

After that moment, the traffic light turned green and the young woman was able to continue on her way. However, she was left with a great scare because he thought that “his life was in danger” and told the virtual community that he was paralyzed and did not know what to do: “It was the longest traffic light,” he recounted between laments.

After hearing the traumatic event that the content creator experienced in Miami, users of the social network did not hesitate to give him some recommendations to prevent it from happening again or so that you know how to act in these cases.

People who clean windshields usually get coins for this activity at traffic lightsshutterstock – Shutterstock

The people told him what attitude he should take if someone makes the same request to him in the middle of the traffic light: “I try to stay separated from the vehicle in front of me and when they arrive I start the car. This means ‘no’ and it has worked for me”, explained a user. “You would have only said yes, you give him a few pesos and that’s it”, advised a user. “I pour water on the windshield, I don’t know if you understand me…” another wrote, remembering a controversial piece of advice that a tiktoker also gave recently.

Additionally, users They urged her to take other precautions: “If you are scared, you should carry a defense keychain, in case something like this happens you have something to defend yourself with,” a user recommended.


He recounted an uncomfortable situation that he experienced in Miami from his car and confessed that he did not know how to react: “I was afraid”