“He ruined my life”: the story behind the kidnapping and torture case that shook La Plata

“I found him charming, seductive, it was having found Prince Charming, but on the third day of the relationship he gave me the first beating and showed me all his evil.” the one who speaks is vanessa rialthe woman from silver who suffered an ordeal due to the torments to which he subjected her Jorge Cristian “The Count” Martinez Poch. The DJ was sentenced to 37 years in prison for having kidnapped, drugged and raped his girlfriend, in a ruling in which the law of gender violence was applied and was described as “exemplary”.

Shortly after six years of the ruling, Rial recounted details of how he met Poch and how with the passing of the meetings he began to know all his evil. She was a lawyer and he was a supposed engineer, a widower with two daughters, in a very good economic position. The same night they met, the man invited her to stay at her house and there he subjected her to an atrocious ordeal from which the victim was only able to escape two months later. “Every day when I wake up I am grateful that I am alive, but I will never go back to the way I was”assured.

His story is chilling. So much so that she said that once the DJ threw her off the motorcycle, dragged her along the asphalt and broke her wrist. In addition, he pointed out that Poch systematically beat her and, after each beating, “healed” her with ice, washed her with bleach and made her up, to hide the marks in public. “He forced me to drink his urine and engage in aberrant sexual practices with a bitch”Rial narrated.

On other occasions, the aggressor forced her to have sex with her friends and pulled out both of her toenails with pliers. “I wanted to escape, I always wanted to escape, but I didn’t have the will because of the alcohol and the pills that he forced me to take”she explained.

After two endless months, Vanessa’s father began to suspect that something was happening with his daughter after several failed communication attempts and the complaint of two neighbors who claimed that they heard screams, blows and arguments almost every day and that they suspected that there was a woman “locked” on the property occupied by Martínez Poch. The doubts led to a search ordered by the prosecutor in the case, Marcelo Romero. That was the way in which she was rescued from hell. “During all the time I was kidnapped, it was a situation of slavery and servitude. Every day I wanted to die.”revealed in dialogue with TN.com.ar.

Throughout the trial, Rial defined Poch as perverse, manipulative and psychopathic. “He hit me with a t-shirt of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which is the Virgin I love the most”he added.

The DJ was sentenced to 37 years in prison for having beaten, drugged and raped his girlfriend in September 2013, but also for having corrupted and abused his two daughters when they were minors. However, upon hearing the sentence, the DJ laughed and made “fuck you” with his left hand to Rial, after which they had to remove him with custody from the room. “Thanks to the sentence (Martínez Poch) is not going to hurt any more women”, Vanessa said but clarified: “Now, it ruined my life. It is simple”.

That August 31, 2016, after learning of the ruling, Rival told the media that “it was an exemplary ruling, today is the happiest day of my life, today I am going to start living.” Then he ran to hug the president of the Criminal Oral Court (TOC) 1 of La Plata, Juan Jose Ruizto thank him for the sentence imposed on Martínez Poch.

The magistrate stressed that the ruling took into account “the law of gender violence and the Convention on the Rights of the Child” and explained why he did not give rise to the declaration of non-imputability requested by Martínez Poch’s defense. “In the concept of psychopath, the majority of psychiatrists maintain that they are punishable and only a minority, 20%, maintain that they are not liable,” he pointed out.

In addition, after each incident, “Martínez Poch carried out actions to cover up his crime and erase the evidence, he washed (the victims) after beating them and had himself beaten by his daughters so that in case his ex-partners reported him, he would also have injuries, that is to say, he understood very well what he was doing and wanted to avoid justice in this way, “said Ruiz.

For his part, Rial remarked that “it was an exemplary ruling and a precedent.” “For me it is very emotional because I achieved justice and because this person, a character, is not going to do more harm to anyone”he highlighted.

However, the physical marks and the psychological consequences that remained are a permanent reminder of the ordeal he suffered at the hands of Martínez Poch. “Beyond the limitations that I have left, which are many, every day when I wake up I am grateful that I am alive”expressed Rial, who defines herself as a resilient person who has run out of tears and goes through life trying to do things that help her heal her soul.

To move forward, he maintained, his father, his circle of friends and work became pillars, from where he contributes his grain of sand to help other victims of gender violence. “I am grateful to everyone, but the effort is mine”he concluded.

“He ruined my life”: the story behind the kidnapping and torture case that shook La Plata