Here it all starts, in advance: the summary of the episode of Wednesday August 10… SPOILERS

An important detail

On the beach, Noémie tells her kidnapping to Enzo, Eliott and Salomé. She claims not to have seen the face of her captor but to be sure that it is a man because she heard him on the telephone. Salomé, for her part, still thinks that Chief Cardone is responsible for everything that happened. Enzo puts Swan back in suspect number 1 which annoys his comrade who defends her boyfriend.

At Double A, Joachim is fixing the steam oven. Clotilde joins him and is surprised at his very early departure without even having said hello to him. He tells her that he went to get some equipment but refuses to look at her during the discussion. They argue again and he ends up turning his back on her.

It’s the big day for Tony and Gaëtan at the Table des Rivières. They will meet the owner accompanied by Laëtitia who has imagined a fake past for her ex-boyfriend. He will pose as an alumnus of the institute who has worked as a chef all over the world. Upon arriving, the owner points out that Gaëtan has no experience. Laëtitia defends him by saying that he is very motivated and able to adapt.

Noémie is already back in the kitchens. But she is not well and is shaking while making chocolate leaves. Chefs Delobel and Teyssier join her and find her in tears. They tell her that she got back into the kitchen a little too quickly, but she tells them that while she was locked up, she only thought about recipes to avoid asking herself too many questions. Delobel finally accepts that she participates in the next event in her place and Teyssier warns her that he will not give her any gifts.


The owner of the Table des Rivière asks for details on the coffee shop’s future menu. Gaëtan and Tony try to kick in touch but find themselves very annoyed when he asks for a snack.

Salomé joins Noémie in the kitchen. She insists that Cardone is responsible for her abduction but the chief assures that she is not. She tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and let the police handle the case, but Salomé continues to question her. Noémie finally remembers having smelled pastry and essential oil of green mandarin during her sequestration.

Antoine called Joachim and Clotilde to take stock. He tells them that students have mentioned their argument. Chief Armand ensures that everything is settled but his companion asks to no longer work with her who treats him like a minion. The tone rises and Antoine calms the game by recalling that if they do not solve their problems, the institute will have to fire Joachim.

Swan and Salomé are chatting by the pool. He tells her about the finale and she doesn’t understand how he can be so calm when suspicion falls on him again. Salomé ignites on Chief Cardone whom she calls sadistic and psychopathic. She wishes him to die before being interrupted by the main interested party who has been released by the police.

Tony and Gaëtan struggle in the kitchen. They miss the dough for their zucchini fritters and decide to serve only croque-monsieur. But they realize that they did not supervise the cooking and that they burned. They serve them anyway for lack of time, scraping off the burnt and specifying that this roasted taste was wanted. Laëtitia is ecstatic and the owner finally validates the project of the two friends.

Shock discovery

Chef Cardone decides to return to competition with Swan. He then finds Salomé and walks hand in hand with her. Enzo and Anaïs pass them and Teyssier’s second goes crazy pointing out that Swan is the kidnapper. He gets angry with Salomé who refuses to face the truth and against Swan who tries to accuse him in her place.

At Double A, Tom can’t get a blender to work. Clotilde, refusing to call Joachim, decides to look at the problem alone. She is about to dip her fingers into the bowl when her companion narrowly interrupts her. He manages to find the fault and fix it. They discuss their argument and decide to set some rules for working together.

Anaïs and Salomé are going to practice in the kitchen. When they arrive, they smell citrus fruits and Salomé recognizes the essential oil of green mandarin. She tells Anaïs about her discussion with Noémie. They rush to check the schedule and discover that it was Swan who was there before them.

This episode can be seen Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1

Here it all starts, in advance: the summary of the episode of Wednesday August 10… SPOILERS