Here it all starts, in advance: the summary of the episode of Wednesday September 14… SPOILERS

Ethan empties his room and his belongings of the pills he hid everywhere. He gives it all to Axel who flushes it down the toilet. Ethan thanks him and tells him that he won’t forget what he does for him.

The return of Louis and Charlene is approaching and that worries Claire. Olivia realizes and asks him to talk about it. Chief Guinot admits to him that she knows full well that she will not avoid reproaches and that she does not want to fight with him. Olivia advises her to stay firm because she has nothing to reproach herself for.

Axel offers Solal a drink but the latter superbly ignores him. Ethan apologizes to Axel for being responsible for this falling out. He is interrupted by his mother who gives him advice for chef Listrac’s vegan course. Ethan takes the opportunity to tell her that the idea for the cream of macaroons came from Samia and not from him. He explains to his mother that he didn’t dare deny her when she thought it was him. He apologizes and admits it was stupid. Samia, who overheard the conversation, smiles.


Eliott is surprised that Hortense doesn’t dress up. She explains to him that she was taken out of Double A by surprise for a week because of the incident with her hair. She insists it’s not a careless mistake but revenge from Vic. Mehdi and Eliott don’t believe her and find that stealing her hair from a brush and then keeping it to put on a dish is an act of a psychopath. She gets annoyed that they don’t support her. She claims that Vic will ruin her senior year.

At the start of Listrac class, Samia teases Ethan before thanking him for telling her mother the truth about the macaroons. He apologizes for his behavior and she tells him that she understands that he wanted to impress her mother.

Claire meets Louis in the garden. She asks him questions about her trip but he sends her away because he can’t forgive her for her absence at her engagement party. She then asks him to take some distance. He advises her to go on vacation but she tells him that he has to leave her house as soon as possible because she won’t be in this relationship for long. He is in shock.

Ethan feels bad and attacks Axel in the commissary because he makes too much noise. He confides in her that he is tired from nightmares.

At Double A, Vic can’t lift fish fillets. She asks Mehdi for help who refuses because he takes care of the desserts. He justifies himself by saying that it’s not fair for Hortense and he explains to her that she must also be operational to stay in the brigade. Seeing the state of the nets, Theo gets angry and sends Vic to the dish.

Antoine, Rose and Emmanuel have a meeting to talk about the lack of teachers. Louis arrives and announces that he is applying. He points out that he is the best candidate because he has already been a teacher, was valedictorian and managed the ephemeral restaurant. Teyssier is far from being packed unlike his acolytes.

The revelation

Axel accompanies Ethan outside to get some fresh air. They see Teyssier and try to sneak away but he notices them. Axel lies by saying that they are going to the vegetable garden to look for herbs.

Billie and Samia are working on their recipe for the Listrac class. Billie takes the opportunity to tease Samia about her relationship with Ethan. She tells him her lie and tells him that she doesn’t know how to dance with him.

Hortense meets Vic on the stairs. She makes fun of her failure in the kitchen and her sister tackles her for her absence from the Double A. Hortense tells her that she must work to earn respect and that she must not sabotage her anymore. She points out to him that she manipulates people and that the others will eventually realize it.

At the tasting, Ethan is congratulated by the chef Listrac while Samia does not seduce her because it is bland. They still tease each other.

Louis tells Charlène that his mother kicked him out and that he applied to be a teacher at the institute. She offers to talk to her father about it so that he accepts her candidacy. Louis agrees because he does not want to work elsewhere.

Vic works at the CDI to catch up. Billie tells her to relax but she tells her misadventure at the restaurant. In the book she leafs through, she finds a notebook with former students’ names and an enigmatic phrase. Vic thinks this is proof of a secret club.

Axel and Ethan clean the kitchen and tease each other. He tells her about his kiss with Samia. Teyssier arrives and points out to Ethan that Chief Listrac told him that he looked exhausted. Teyssier tells him that he noticed his condition and his tremors and that he thinks he is the one who is doping. Axel tries to defend him but Ethan ends up confessing.

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Here it all starts, in advance: the summary of the episode of Wednesday September 14… SPOILERS