Here’s What Happened To These 10 Horror Movie Stars

Their faces come back to haunt our screens every Halloween. But what has become of these stars of the time of the pumpkins who have crossed paths with a few ghosts and other psychopathic killers?

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The child star ofAND the alien experienced a descent into hell by sinking into addiction problems from an early age. He had to wait to play in Chills, in 1996, to know a real resurrection, and this, even if his character of Casey Becker did not survive the unforgettable opening scene of the film! After this short appearance, Drew Barrymore regained favor in Hollywood and in 2000 landed one of the title roles in the blockbuster Charlie and his Charlie’s Angels alongside Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. From now on, the actress devotes herself mainly to the small screen and has become a successful host with her show The Drew Barrymore Show.



It was in 1981 that Bruce Campbell first slipped into the shoes of demon slayer Ash Williams under the orders of Sam Raimi. The beginning of a fruitful collaboration between the director and his favorite actor, which resulted in two other parts of the saga evil Dead in 1987 and 1992. Bruce Campbell also made notable cameos in the three films Spiderman directed by Sam Raimi. But you don’t get rid of Ash and his chainsaw hand just like that. After resuming his cult character in the series Ash vs Evil Dead in 2015, the 64-year-old actor will star in a fourth film, Evil Dead Riseproduced by Sam Raimi and expected in theaters in 2023.


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The role of Freddy Krueger made him a horror legend. In total, Robert Englund threaded the claws in the sharp of his disfigured character eight times between 1984 and 2004 in the popular saga overseen by the master of the genre, Wes Craven. The actor did not participate in the remake of Claws of the Nightwhich did not really convince the public in 2010. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Robert Englund said he was now too old to wear makeup as Freddy. On the other hand, the 75-year-old icon agreed to return to service when the Duffer brothers called on him to participate in the fourth season of Stranger Things as the terrifying Victor Creel.

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Already known for her role in buffy the vampire slayerthe actress had the pleasure of meeting her future husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., on the set of pact of silenceat the end of the 1990s. The two stars of this great classic slasher married in 2002, before having two children, Charlotte Grace and Rocky James. Sarah Michelle Gellar has filmed other horror films, such as Chills 2 and the first two parts of the saga murderous rage. More discreet in recent years, the 45-year-old mother has made a notable appearance in the teen comedy If you avenge mes on Netflix. The ex-interpreter of Buffy is also preparing his return in the new fantastic series Wolf Pack.

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The actor had his heyday in the 1990s playing in Heartbroken, the film by Tony Scott. Then Christian Slater joined Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the 1994 big-screen adaptation of Anne Rice’s cult novel Interview with a Vampire. River Phoenix was slated to play Daniel Molloy, but Joaquin’s brother died of an overdose four months before filming began, and Christian Slater was brought in at the last minute to replace him. The 2000s were more complicated for the actor, who had a long journey through the desert. TV came to his rescue with the series Mr Robot which allowed him to return to the Hollywood spotlight in 2016.



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The Canadian actor was 17 years old when he lent his teenage features to the “human version” of the friendly ghost Casper opposite Christina Ricci, in 1995. Subsequently, Devon Sawa appeared in The murderous hand with Jessica Alba in 1999, and in the first installment of the franchise Ultimate destination in 2000. More recently, we could see him give the answer to John Travolta in the thriller The Fanaticor embody the twins Logan and Lucas Wheeler from the horror series chucky, inspired by the hit saga of the horrible doll. At 45, Devon Sawa is also the proud father of two children, Scarlett and Hudson, born of his union with interior designer Dawni Sahanovitch.



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It’s been 30 years since the actress donned Helen’s clothes to get revenge on her best friend (Meryl Streep) for stealing her husband (Bruce Willis) in Robert Zemeckis’ Halloween fantasy comedy Death suits you so well. In real life, Goldie Hawn did not need to resort to eternal youth to continue to enjoy happy days alongside Kurt Russell, with whom she has been in a relationship since 1983. She became a grandmother of six grandchildren , the 76-year-old actress put her career on hold for 15 years before making a comeback in 2017 in the crazy comedy Dropped, where she played the mother of Amy Schumer. She also went from Halloween to Christmas playing Mrs. Claus alongside her husband in Netflix films The Christmas Chroniclesreleased in 2018 and 2020.

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The little Lindsey that Laurie Strode was babysitting the night the psychopath Michael Myers emerged from the shadows in the very first film of James Carpenter’s cult saga, it was her. Since then, Kyle Richards has grown well. The actress, who is incidentally the aunt of Paris and Nicky Hilton, turned to reality TV which brought her a lot of success with the series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2010. Kyle Richards has not, however, made a definitive cross on the cinema. She resumed her role as Lindsey Wallace, as an adult, for a moving reunion with Jamie Lee Curtis in halloween kills released in 2021, and is also featured in Halloween is coming to an endcurrently in theaters.



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Her memorable performance as a teenager with supernatural powers in Carrie earned her a nomination for the Oscar for Best Actress in 1977. In fact, Sissy Spacek has long been associated with her role in Brian De Palma’s film, adapted from Stephen King’s work. Married to artistic director Jack Fisk and mother of two children, the actress preferred to move away from the bustle of Hollywood to take refuge with her family on a ranch near Charlottesville, Virginia. The 72-year-old actress has nevertheless returned to the terrifying universe of Stephen King by participating in the series Castle Rock in 2018. The same year, Sissy made her last film appearance in The Old Man & the Gunwith Robert Redford.

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He was one of the first actors of color to establish himself in horror, at a time when the genre did not really leave room for diversity. In 1992, Tony Todd burst the screen in candy man, in the guise of Daniel Robitaille, the vengeful slave who appears when you have the misfortune to pronounce his name five times in front of a mirror. He then reprized his character in the other three installments of the chilling saga, including the remake of candy man directed by Nia DaCosta in 2021.

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Here’s What Happened To These 10 Horror Movie Stars