Home to Gallinger: “I’m terrified,” says the victim

Patricia Sclavunovictim of the employer Nestor Roberto Gallingerconfessed that She is “terrified, with a lot of anguish and fear”after it became known a court ruling that could benefit his perpetrator with house arrest.

Gallinger, who ran an alarm company, He is a prisoner in Penal Unit 4 of Santa Rosa, sentenced to twelve years in prison for having tried to burn Sclavuno alivethen her partner, during an attack that occurred on May 22, 2015, in Santa Rosa.

Recently, the criminal execution judge, Martín Saravia, granted him house arrest, although the measure was appealed by the victim. In fact, it will only become effective if it is confirmed by higher authorities, such as the Superior Court of Justice, the highest court in La Pampa.

“The judge (Saravia) ordered him house arrest without respecting my rights as a victim. Gallinger did not change: he is still the same psychopathic person, with impulse control disorder and psychiatrically decompensated, ”Sclavuno listed, recalling the coroner’s report issued 20 days before the sentence.

The businessman is serving a sentence for being the perpetrator of the crime of threatening with an improper weapon, doubly aggravated homicide -due to the conjugal bond and mediating gender violence-, to the degree of attempt and simple threats, all in real competition (article 149 bis first paragraph, second paragraph, first assumption, 79, 80, subsections, 1, 11, 42, 149 bis first paragraph, first assumption and 55, of the Penal Code).

It was established that on May 15, 2015, at 4 o’clock, Gallinger argued and pushed his partner, broke his cell phone and threw gasoline at him with a drum. The fuel fell on her clothing and on a chair. The woman managed to calm him down and sleep in separate rooms. But then, at 7 pm, another argument broke out and Sclavuno was again beaten and kicked. She took the can of gasoline again and threatened to kill her. She escaped at the moment in which the businessman lit the gasoline that he was throwing in her direction.

Sclavuno, in a letter sent to Diario Textual, indicated that the U-4 staff, in their different reports, always diagnosed that he is a “person with sexist beliefs, with aspects related to gender-based violence.”

“The bad thing is that the failure; On the one hand, he says that he cannot be treated in the Unit but on the other hand, he demands that the Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF) provide him with psychiatric compensation before releasing him,” he said in another paragraph of the letter sent to this newspaper.

“It sounds like speculation to get out than real health problems: pretend to be sick,” he said. And she alluded to the clinical history, which, according to the woman, shows that the doctors continue to attend him in the hospital, they give him medication, he has everything. “I don’t understand why they say that he needs to be outside for his health, if the SPF provides him with all the care, transfers, medications, everything”he insisted.

In his opinion, Gallinger “is not well psychologically” and revealed that even in prison he continued to threaten her, trying to communicate with her. “I have screenshots of that,” he said.

He pointed out that “he does not understand” why the judge first recognizes that Gallinger “is not psychologically and psychiatrically compensated and then sets him free (sic)”.

“Where is Justice?” Sclavuno wondered. “The violent person is thought of more than the victim, I have to pay out of pocket for the psychological treatment for what he did to me and the State pays for it, which also wants to send him home,” he lamented.

“He wanted to burn me alive, why wouldn’t he do it again if he is a psychiatrically unstable person?” Sclavuno, in his 60s, asked. “I’m really scared, I had panic attacks again, I can’t sleep and they increased the dose of my psychiatric medication,” he assured. “If something happens to me, I will hold the criminal execution judge and the state responsible,” he concluded.

According to Diario Textual, the man threatened to kill her. “I’m going to get out of here (through jail) but you from below the earth, no,” he would have sent him a message, according to a relative of the victim.

Home to Gallinger: “I’m terrified,” says the victim