Horror Movies Set at Christmas

The christmas horror movies they are a subgenre unto themselves. And it is that apparently it is a happy time in which people meet with their loved ones in the warmth of the fireplace while they sing Christmas carols and eat until they explode.

However, at Christmas the streets are not safe. Those days are propitious for psychopaths, rapists, methodical murderers, renegade papanoeles and other undesirables to roam the streets in search of new victims…

Do not miss the special that we have prepared for you on horror movies set at Christmas to enjoy these dates with friends or family

Christmas Horror Movies


The members of a university fraternity prepare to celebrate the night of Christmas Eve. The celebration turns into a traumatic nightmare when obscene calls break the serenity and make it clear that a psychopath is stalking the girls residing on campus.

A classic that had a much inferior remake a few years ago.


Young Billy Peltzer takes possession of his loving new pet. But Billy is going to get more than he bargained for from his strange and mischievous little animal. He must keep it out of bright light, he must never get wet and most importantly, no matter how much he begs, he must never, ever eat after midnight.

Put a Gizmo in your life and remember, your small and peaceful town can turn into a real nightmare.


The Harringtons are an ordinary family that, like every Christmas Eve, travels by car to join the rest of their offspring. Tired of making the journey on the same highway, the father of the family decides to take a shortcut along the country road.

Soon strange events will plunge them into a true nightmare from which they cannot escape.

A title not well known but worth a viewing.


On Christmas Eve, a psychopath enters the mansion of his former boss, dressed as a Santa Claus from the job he just got fired from. There, her son and her grandfather will try to survive however they can.

Game Over could be considered the dark and macabre version of “Home Alone”. Recommended for those with an excess of Christmas spirit.

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New Years Eve. What was supposed to be a pleasant vacation for two families turns into a desperate fight for survival when their children mysteriously begin to fall ill one by one and turn against their parents with dire consequences.

Not suitable for those eager to start a family…


It all begins with the eventful life of a scream queen who is not having the best time, her marriage is over and there is a neighbor who does not stop harassing her, and then he chases her through the streets dressed as Santa Claus.

Fantasy (the films made by this scream queen, magnificently embodied by Debbie Rochon) and reality, eroticism and horror, will join hands in a final confrontation between good and evil.


One afternoon during Christmas in 1985, five friends who live in a typical summer town on the Costa Brava believe they see someone hiding in the woods. That person turns out to be a thief who has fled from prison and who, according to the Police, is in the area.

After a chase through the woods they discover that the thief has fallen into a deep, narrow hole at the foot of a tree. So, the five friends decide to cover the hole with branches and leaves to teach him a lesson. When they return after a few days, the thief is dead, so they decide to notify the authorities. When they arrive with a policeman at the place, they discover that the hole is empty.

A Christmas Carol is one of the titles that made up the Movies not to sleep.


When a former New York cop named Jericho is assigned as a bodyguard for a mysterious foreigner, Jericho thwarts an incredible assassination attempt.

During the ensuing investigation, he and his partner also save the life of the beautiful Christine York, in whose fate death, the Devil and the future of humanity are involved.

Now the time has come for Jericho to save the girl, the world, and his own soul by going head-to-head against the most powerful foe.

Title created to show off Schwarzenegger…


1971, New Year’s Eve. The Chapmans, along with their two sons, Billy and baby Ricky, go to visit their grandfather in the asylum. Grandpa doesn’t seem to hear or see anyone, but when he is left alone with Billy, he snaps out of his mock trance and tells Billy that Santa Claus punishes naughty children, and for him to run for safety if he sees him. This makes Billy afraid of Santa.

That same night, the parents stop on the road to help a guy dressed as Santa Claus who has a broken down car (a mugger). The guy walks up, shoots the father, tries to rape the mother, then slits her neck with a razor. Billy sees everything hidden from afar, the trauma will never go away…

The beginning of a franchise that had several sequels that were destined for video stores around the world…


It’s Christmas and a murderer is loose on the streets of London with one goal: to kill everyone who goes dressed as ‘Santa Claus’. The psychopath carries out his bloody crimes in department stores and even at family parties.

Who is behind these brutal murders? What motives lead you to commit such acts? Scotland Yard is on his trail but every time he finds a new clue, it leads him in the wrong direction…

Another eighties title that did not leave Santa Claus in a very good place…


A psychopath dressed in a Santa Claus suit will begin to decide who has been good and who has been bad.

For the latter, you will have a very special gift…

CAR PARK 2 (2008)

It’s Christmas Eve and Angela works late. When she goes to parking lot 2, the car doesn’t work and the guard, Thomas, half jokingly asks her if she wants to have dinner with him. She laughs at the joke and goes up to find a taxi, but the doors of the building are closed.

Thomas assaults her by surprise and puts her to sleep with chloroform, chaining her to a table set for a gala dinner… Angela will try to escape by all means.

For those looking for a somewhat special Christmas dinner…


A demon who loses a bet with an angel is forced to become a good being who every year must be in charge of giving gifts to children…

However, by the time the sentence for the bet comes to an end it will be time to put things back in place…

For fans of Emilie de Ravin (and little else)…


A serial killer dies and his soul is reincarnated as a snowman, who resumes his killing sprees in the town of Snowmonton.

Take a look at the scene in the shower, which is absolutely delirious…


A group of teenagers having fun at a party find themselves cornered by a serial killer dressed in a Santa Claus outfit.

Perhaps one of the lesser known titles of this special but worth a look…

DARK RED (1975)

During a public display of her powers, a famous medium is attuned to a criminal mastermind while, at the back of the room, a mysterious figure leaves his seat.

Later, Mark, an English jazz pianist living in Rome and a neighbor of the parapsychologist, watches in astonishment from the street as an unknown figure crashes his neighbor’s head against the window of her apartment. When he goes up to help her, he discovers, astonished, that in the place of the macabre crime a painting is missing.

Dario Argento in its purest form… Has anyone been able to forget that Christmas tree?

CHILLS (2007)

During the Christmas holidays two young people return home by car and find themselves in the middle of a tremendous winter storm.

Trying to find refuge, they will find themselves in a sinister place where they will have to face some terrible events that occurred during the fifties.

A very interesting title with a very young Emily Blunt who came to our country through DVD.


If you are one of those who still have a bit of the Christmas spirit, there is nothing better than seeing this slasher to walk around the house to lose it completely.

And it is that this French title (which is still unpublished in Spain) is one of the wildest things that have gone through a movie screen.

Not suitable for pregnant women or those who stay home alone on Christmas Eve…


Max is a young man who is very sad and disappointed seeing that his peculiar family has decided not to celebrate Christmas this year. However, this lack of Christmas spirit causes the arrival of Krampus, an ancient and demonic being who punishes those who do not believe in these dates.

All this will be further complicated when the popular Christmas icons take on a life of their own turning the family home into a nightmare, forcing the family to come together again to try to survive.

Mike Dougherty, after filming the magnificent “Trick or Treat”, changed the holiday from Halloween to Christmas in this work.


It is the story of a girl and her friends who must fight (and sing) in the middle of a zombie attack trying to reach the school that is apparently a safe place. On their way they do not know if her parents and friends are still alive and if they will find them when they get there.


The film tells the story of a young kangaroo who must defend a 12-year-old boy from some strangers who invade the house; Of course, nothing is as it seems and blood will flow.


As the world grapples with the apocalypse, a group of old friends gather to celebrate Christmas at an idyllic country house in the UK. Uncomfortable by the idea of ​​the inevitable destruction of humanity, they decide to face the situation calmly, opening another bottle of Prosecco and continuing with the celebration… But, as much as they want to pretend normalcy, sooner or later, they will have to face the idea. that it is his last night.

One of the great surprises of 2021 that was awarded in Sitges with the Best Screenplay and Audience Award awards.


Eva is a former dancer who now lives confined to a wheelchair because she is unable to walk. Her best friend Sophie gives her an old wooden advent calendar that she hides a secret: every time she opens a window it contains a surprise that will have repercussions in her real life… some good, but most bad. .

Now Eva will have to decide whether to get rid of the calendar or walk again, even if it means that death is around her…


It’s Christmas Eve and hot record store owner Tori Tooms just wants to get drunk and have fun. But when a robotic Santa from a nearby toy store goes berserk and begins a rampant killing spree in her small town, she is forced into a bloody battle.


Aidan and Mia are reluctant to accept Grace, their father’s new girlfriend, but when the children and the woman are trapped and locked in a house in the middle of a frozen landscape, they will have no choice but to live together, while the terrible Grace’s past comes to light. As in their previous film, Goodnight Mommy, the Austrians Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz barely need two children and a woman to sign one of the horror films of the year.

SAINT (2011)

Saint Nicholas is not the good-hearted man and friend of children that everyone thinks… He really is a bloodthirsty sadist who, when there is a full moon on December 5, tries to dismember as many children as possible…

Horror Movies Set at Christmas