Horror: Pantoufle, adopted by René following a call for solidarity, butchered by his new master on the first night!

Time 1: the call for help from René, devastated

The daily Sudinfo, in its Liège pages, relays on January 18 René’s distress, 71, resident of a nursing home in Wanze. The man is devastated: his faithful companion, Bouba, a Maltese bichon died after 10 years spent with his master. La Meuse title: René, 71, is desperately looking for a little dog: “I have no more news from my family or my friends… I would like to adopt one to chat with”. Our colleagues recount his dismay, and echo a call that René himself had published on Facebook: “Hello fb, I am looking for desperately a small dog to adopt to fill my loneliness. Not a puppy given my age, I prefer to take an adult. I have already looked in the shelters of the surroundings…”, he shared there, on January 12. The local daily gears up: “The man is desperately looking for a new company, a small dog to occupy his days in Wanze. He is asking for the help of the citizens!”

Time 2: the beautiful story

Today is January 24, six days later. The call bore fruit: René, who had received several adoption proposals, received a visit from a couple from Colfontaine: Matthias and Anaïs traveled 200 km to come and see René. With them, Pantoufle: adorable four-year-old Maltese. Sensitized by René’s distress, Matthias and Anaïs wanted to make this beautiful gesture for him. “We came across his testimony which touched us a lot”, andexplained Anaïs, still to our colleagues from La Meuse, who relay what the reader will then take for a happy ending. “We have just had a child again and we devote a lot of time to it. We want Pantoufle to receive the affection he deserves, that’s the reason for our gesture.”completed Matthias.

René instantly finds a smile, “happy, perhaps more than ever”, concludes Sudinfo. A photo to immortalize the beautiful moment, and here is Pantoufle with his new master, who “didn’t believe it”.

Time 3: the horror, from the first night of Pantoufle

The story should have ended here. It is not so. As soon as Slipper was adopted, René committed irreparable harm by suffocating and then slitting the throat of the bichon, who was going to be four years old this Saturday and who was therefore spending his first night with his ultimate master…

It was by calling René to have news of the acclimatization of their former companion this Tuesday morning that Anaïs and Matthias learned, from the voice of the septuagenarian himself, the awful news. Reason for René’s wrath: Pantoufle, inevitably destabilized, was barking. And that displeased Monsieur. “He first tried to hang him using his leash to make him stop”, relates the couple, desperate, to Sudinfo, in a third article on the subject. Sure, Slipper struggled. “He then decided to cut his throat alive with a knife to silence him around 11 p.m. He left him to bleed and agonize until morning. He killed him without any qualms.”

The police, informed of the accident by the management of the establishment, descended on the scene to ascertain the facts.

The animal, still alive but in very bad shape during an intervention to try to save it, had to be stung. The Colfontaine couple recovered the remains of Pantoufle, which they buried in their garden. Desperate and stunned by so much gratuitous and inexplicable violence.

Ulcerated refuges: “The ravages of placements via social networks”

This dark story is shaking up the animal shelter sector, which we already know is overwhelmed by the number of abandonments. All in a context where animal abuse is more devastating than ever. The La Louvière SPA, for example, reacted to the disastrous fate of Pantoufle: “Shelters are sometimes criticized for refusing placement. Adoptions must be reserved for professional structures. Here, a media outlet has legitimized a psychopath whom people have decided to trust. This permit is essential. Officials here it is, once again, placements (we refuse to talk about adoption in this case) via social networks”underlines the institution.

Sebastien De Jonge abounds in the same direction: “Placing an animal in a family is a job”proclaims the president of Sans Colliers, disgusted by the murder of Pantoufle. “Unfortunately, the license to keep an animal is not applicable for donations between individuals. But in this case, it is not so much the license the problem. A little common sense would have been enough to avoid this tragedy. Giving René his four-year-old dog is not good news at all. There are a lot of things that are not clear in this case. With a shelter, René could never have adopted this dog.”he believes.

Making good resolutions also means taking better care of your animals: “Getting to know them better is essential to meet their needs”

Horror: Pantoufle, adopted by René following a call for solidarity, butchered by his new master on the first night!