How curious are you?

Published on January 20, 2023 at 10:07 am


On the occasion of ELLE Active (the magazine event dedicated to the professional life of women), ELLE joined forces with the Curiosity Club to highlight the careers of inspiring women, who came to tell their relationship to curiosity. And you, how curious are you? Take the test!

Your ideal evening is rather…

■ Proofread for the 12e times Harry Potter warm under the duvet.

◊ Test this Kapla-Zumba class that you saw on Instagram.

ø Dive into the depths of Wikipedia to know in detail behind the scenes of your favorite show.

We offer you a blind date. Your reaction :

ø You try to glean as much information as possible before going there.

■ Flee. What if he was a psychopath?

◊ With pleasure, you love meeting new people!

On holiday in Portugal, you meet locals.

◊ They suggest you go surfing? Not even afraid: balance is not your strong point but you have always dreamed of taming the waves.

ø You take the opportunity to ask them all their secrets for successful Bacalhau !

■ Fortunately, you never go out without your bilingual dictionary and a few well-rehearsed phrases.

For you, curiosity is above all…

■ An effort to open up more to the outside world.

ø A way to learn more about those you meet.

◊ The opportunity to get out of your comfort zone by taking on crazy challenges.

If you were an animal, you would rather be:

◊ The mongoose, fearless and enjoying life to the fullest.

■ The gecko, discreet but observant.

Ø The meerkat, standing on its hind legs, as if to hear the latest gossip.

You have a majority of ◊: The adventurer

Your daily life is motivated by an inexhaustible thirst for discovery. Your curiosity is expressed through experience: you like to visit new places, taste new dishes, push your limits. To continue to cultivate this adventurous nature, come and meet those who have left the beaten track at one of the many Clubs of the Curiosity Club*. The concept ? Inspirational talks, dinners, moments of sharing and atypical experiences to meet nuns, judo champions, foreign popstars and many other amazing profiles.

You have a majority of ■: The Shy

You don’t feel naturally curious, but you do everything to become one: it’s an anti-shyness tool for you. You cultivate your curiosity by reading, listening to podcasts, doing exhibitions on Tuesday mornings… Everything to avoid crowds! Because you prefer more intimate formats that still allow you to step out of your comfort zone gently: one-on-one meetings, small group discussions and lunches that don’t last long.

You have a majority of ø: The interviewer

You are sometimes teased because you ask a lot of questions. You’re not the type to arrive at a restaurant without having learned the menu by heart! But it’s a strength: you like to listen and get to know others. Your curiosity translates into an unlimited thirst for learning. Each new encounter is an opportunity to broaden your perceptions of the world around you. You like to compare points of view, find answers to your own questions thanks to the experience of those who cross your path.

*The Curiosity Club puts curiosity at the service of gender equality. Present in 9 cities in France, the clubs offer original events each month upon registration.

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