How to motivate yourself in the morning?

Emerging in the morning can be complicated. Some even have a tendency to want to go back to sleep. How to boost your motivation and maintain your dynamism when you wake up? How to exercise in the morning? Motivate yourself to work? Tips with Carine André, consultant, coach and trainer.

Why is it sometimes difficult to get up in the morning?

When we have no energy in the morning, it’s often that something is not vibrating. “This results fromloss of meaning or motivation, explain straight away Coach Carine André. It is about meaning as a direction but also something useful that nourishes us and gives meaning to our lives.“. It can also be related to our values ​​and perceptions or degraded working conditions.”We are so tired, angry and frustrated that there is no more energy to put in place what matters to you. Suddenly, we fall into the subway-work-sleep and we no longer have the energy to have a social life, to practice an activity that we like, or to take care of the people we love. explains the specialist. Without really realizing it, we lose our motivation and we no longer want to get up in the morning.

Little by little, we are going to put back into the day things that nourish us, that make us feel good and that we love. We will make our life more flexible which will make us want to get up in the morning a little more

When this happens, it is necessary to welcome it and put in place the technique of smallest possible step. “For the occasion, the Miracle Morning can be experienced as a technique or there are too many things to put in place at the same time” explains the coach. On the contrary, she advises to go gradually starting by setting the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier -to start- in order to take the time to wake up, to do stretching, breathing exercises or meditation. “We can also set ourselves the intention of calming stress, releasing tension, building muscle, writing or reading something that will inspire us for the day. adds the trainer. The idea is to take some time for yourself. She explains the process. “A virtuous circle will take place and we will gradually take a quarter of an hour instead of 10 minutes. Little by little, we are going to put back into the day things that nourish us, that make us feel good and that we love. We will make our lives more flexible, which will make us want to get up in the morning a little more.

The coach advises to hold a diary of 3 kifs, a technique validated by research in positive psychology. “EIt consists of keeping a diary for three weeks and writing in it every day three pleasant events that happened to us in the morning. If we do it in the morning, we will think back to the day before. The idea is to identify those pleasant moments. It can be very small emotions such as wonder, surprise, satisfaction generated by a coffee taken with a colleague or a phone call from a friend.“explains the consultant. This leads to the brain to perceive what makes us feel good and to put in place pleasant things that will make us want to get up. “It is not a question of saying that negative things do not exist but of highlighting the palette of the best and seeing what is going well in order to access resources and emphasize what makes senses. Must also become aware of their values ​​and beliefs because we all have them. Welcoming them is essential to get moving “concludes Carine André.

Motivating ourselves to play sports in the morning depends on our ”profile”. If we don’t have an aversion to exercise, we may find commitments that we will be tempted to keep. “It may have been telling everyone ‘tomorrow morning I’m getting up earlier and I’m going for a walk or half an hour of jogging’. As I have witnesses, I will be tempted to stick to them. This can be to ask a friend to accompany me or to enroll me in a morning class. The idea of ​​having a successful partner or a situation that makes it difficult to get them out will counter our laziness to get out of bed in the morning. At the beginning, we can even take a coach” advises Carine André. For the most cautious, there is a solution: find a more motivating goal than exercise. “We have to find something else. It can be taking advantage of the activity to chat with a friend, walking with sticks, or going to observe nature, pick up mushrooms…”. Motivation will gradually build up. In addition to breathing better, sport helps to manage stress and to produce endorphin and dopamine, the hormone of pleasure and motivation.

What tips to be dynamic in the morning?

For the first few weeks, it is normal for it to be complicated or even painful for the body.

It is recommended to sleep at least 7 hours in order to optimize the regeneration of our cells and our well-being. Improving your dynamism in the morning therefore starts by taking into account bedtime and changing your rhythm if we tend to go to bed late. Anticipating your day the day before also makes it easier to get moving. “If you go for a run in the morning, for example, the idea is to prepare your sports gear the day before so that you don’t have to look for them in the morning. I also invite you to visualize the benefits of all that it brings me (self-esteem, well-being…) and to value the small daily efforts“. The apps are also a crutch on which we can rely especially at the beginning. “They help to set up rituals for yoga, running or other activities and program small challenges for us.“Finally, don’t get discouraged!”For the first few weeks, it is normal for it to be complicated or even painful for the body. It’s a completely normal step.” explains the coach.

Thanks to Carine André, consultant, coach and trainer

How to motivate yourself in the morning?