I am totally disappointed

Since a few days ago in Maracay a very dangerous psychopath* named Dionisio publicly threatened to screw over the innocent and defenseless UNARMED Venezuelan citizens who dared to demonstrate in the streets of Venezuela against the continued and monumental abuses and crimes against humanity regularly perpetrated by the current Venezuelan government against its own people, I have lost all my faith in Venezuela.

(*When I use the word psychopath, it is because I can verify it, it is not arbitrary and it has absolutely nothing to do with hate or insults, it has to do with verifiable and confirmable FACTS by modern psychiatric medicine.)

I have discovered:

1- that, that very dangerous psychopath (Dionisio) is paid and/or directed through a second very dangerous psychopath (well known),

2- that, that second very dangerous psychopath (and apparently a well-known thief as well), is precisely the same person who some time ago threatened to fuck (kill) my great friend, a very poor pensioner from the working classes, a person totally innocent and defenseless, who, as well as the other people who were threatened by that very dangerous psychopath Dionisio, only demanded justice,

(In other words, very strong people and capable of arming themselves to the teeth, go around threatening old people unable to protect themselves against a mosquito, and the current Venezuelan head of state allows it. This is the shitty country in which we live, as my opinion would say. friend, and now I say. There is no better way to describe a country sunk in the lowest shit of human decadence like Venezuela. Would you beat up an old disabled person in a wheelchair? Well, that is precisely what the current Venezuelan head of state allows it to happen in this shitty country.)


3- that these two very dangerous psychopaths (and probably many more) would be secretly directed from the upper echelons of the current Venezuelan State in Caracas.

This is very serious.

And in my opinion, it has opened the floodgates for a decades-long civil war.

I mean, the civil war has started, quietly, for now, but once the whole country finds out the truth (see below) about what is secretly happening behind their backs and to their own detriment, well, it’s going to break out like a nuclear bomb full of little nails that will fly all over the country and every corner.

Well …

1) Once I have re-verified in a more detailed and precise way the information that has come to me regarding these two very dangerous psychopaths (Dionisio and company), who, as I mentioned above, apparently work secretly, and also do not so secretly for the current Venezuelan State (many people in Maracay already know it, but it is not yet known at the national level),


2) once I can conclusively demonstrate that this reality would be occurring —possibly or probably — with the full knowledge of the current Venezuelan head of state, its executive, the national assembly, the governments of this country, some mayors, and the PSUV,

3) that will be when I will share the details with you.

I think we should all know these things so that when the violence of this civil war begins to take full control over our society (it already started with Dionisio), we have a better idea of ​​who the good guys and the bad guys would be, since in a civil war it is very difficult to distinguish between the parts (I will write about it in another article).

But …

The problem I have now with respect to this situation is that these two very dangerous psychopaths are closely associated with other even more dangerous psychopaths of higher rank and social status, who today have a lot of power, in addition to having a lot of armed power, or I mean, maybe I won’t be able to tell you much since if I did (I have to evaluate the situation first) something similar to what happened to Carlos Lanz could happen to me, who certainly knew something about this connection between these two very dangerous psychopaths with the current Venezuelan State since he and his wife were directly involved in Maracay in clandestine affairs (corruption) with at least one of those two very dangerous psychopaths (many people in Maracay know this too).

I will be able to demonstrate all of this, but I don’t know if I’m going to do it yet, I’m thinking about it, it’s very dangerous, and I’m an old disabled pensioner who as a weapon I only have my pee to piss on them while they kill me, where I would certainly be one of those poor weaklings that Dionisio probably dreams of beating me up or killing, I mean, I can’t run for my life if those psychopaths decide to send someone to kill me, dismember me, and throw me to the pigs for food, or shit, or things like that .

In any case, we are at the beginning of a civil war, and I am going to demonstrate that technically in another article. I think it’s very important if they want to survive what is inevitably coming our way (a vicious civil war).

In the meantime …

Just so you know, I am totally disappointed with this country, so much so that I no longer know what it will do to continue writing, to only feed the perpetuation of collective human evil?

If I don’t say anything, I contribute to making our situation worse, where they will continue to beat and kill defenseless innocents, teachers, pensioners, old men and women, etc.

If I say something that would upset the rulers, they put me in jail.

If I dare to divulge truths, they kill me.

I am totally disappointed.

I am totally disappointed