‘I believe about 90% more or less (of Germán Cáceres)’, says a lawyer for one of the police officers involved in the Bernal case | Security | News

To the lawyers for the parties Bernal case they were not allowed to look directly into the eyes of German Cáceres. They were located in such a way that they could only hear him, see his face from the side, but not his gaze from the front.

Gladys Terán, attorney for the Lieutenant Alfonso C., Another of the policemen involved in the case, said that this was requested by the prosecutor in charge of the procedure in which the version of Cáceres was taken.

To Alfonso C., who has alternative measures to preventive detention, he was involved by presumed omission, because he would have heard a discussion between Maria Belen Bernal and German Cáceres. He would have gone to the door. And for this reason his defense was in the diligence in which Cáceres testified.

‘Germán Cáceres strangled María Belén Bernal after hitting her. He said that she acted alone ‘: former lieutenant told his version, but did not answer questions

Cáceres confessed to having killed his wife, María Belén Bernal, in the middle of a heated argument. He recounted that he strangled her by applying a key after hitting her several times inside her room at the police school.

After this, according to the defendant, he kept the body in the room on September 11 and then put it in his car without help at dawn on September 12 and He went to Casitagua Hill, located next to the training school. There he claimed to have buried him. Cáceres said he acted alone.

Terán, Alfonso C.’s lawyer, mentioned World FM that he particularly believes in most of the stories that Cáceres exposed on Thursday, who gave his version in La Roca prison, where he has been held since he He was expelled from Colombia.

“From what I observed him and how he recounts the circumstances in which he took his wife’s life, well, I believe him like 90% more or less, a little detail is missing, that perhaps the skills and the elements The conviction that the Prosecutor’s Office has will corroborate 100% of what really happened that day,” he said.

The perception that the lawyer had is that Cáceres does not have a psychopathic profile, because she did not have a cold story. “I would think not, it hurt him to speak, it was felt in his voice, in his way of expressing himself, in his gestures, I felt that what he was expressing hurt him,” said the lawyer, although she specified that he must respond for what he did.

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For Terán, Cáceres’ statement would confirm that Alfonso C. is not a participant in this case. “Not even he (Cáceres) knows to whom he opened the door and said: ‘Get out!’ He only says that it was a person who opened the door and told him: ‘Get out, get out!’ But he was already lifeless, unfortunately, the lawyer Bernal, ”Terán said.

Hence, Terán considers that Alfonso C. could not prevent the act when it had already occurred.

Alfonso C.’s lawyer indicated that he he only heard unusual noises and he made this known to his superiors and he did not shut up.

Five confessions by Germán Cáceres in La Roca prison

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‘I believe about 90% more or less (of Germán Cáceres)’, says a lawyer for one of the police officers involved in the Bernal case | Security | News