“I felt a great relief”: mother celebrates that her son died because he was a rapist

For many mothers, the death of a child represents the most painful situation that someone could experience, however, when the circumstances surrounding the family relationship turn out to be complicated, the human loss of a firstborn could be something not so sad.
And as incredible as it may seem, a case has been revealed in which precisely a mother was relieved after being informed that her son had died in a tragic way.

According to The Sun, Mark Sutton was a British man who died in 2018, when he was 34 years old after a hunter mistook him for prey and shot him dead in the French Alps.

The subject was an experienced cyclist who regularly used to give him tours of the mountains, however, on that occasion he was mistaken for prey when he was exploring the forest by bicycle.

His case shocked the population and there was even outrage from animal protectors due to poaching, but there was another reason that caused great scandal around his death.

And it is that the reaction that his family had when they found out what happened, was something that surprised the community, since his mother and sister confessed to feeling relief and even happiness, after learning of the death.

Without hesitation, Sutton’s mother said that her son was a “monster” and that he had even been mean since childhood and recalled that in kindergarten, when he was only four years old, he tried to stab another child with a knife.

While Mark’s sister, Katie Toghill, revealed during an interview with The Sun that her brother Mark had raped and beaten her multiple times as a child, she was simply glad he was dead.

“When I heard that they had killed him I felt a great relief, it was a great burden on my back. I was relieved that he couldn’t hurt us or anyone else,” Katie told the British newspaper.

Katie also said that Mark had fled abroad a few years ago after she and her mother, Katrina, confronted him about the events in his childhood, that’s why her sister was telling everything they had lived with him because she wanted everyone to know “the scum that he was”.

Was he a psychopath?

Who also did not hesitate to exhibit the evil of the subject, was an ex-girlfriend of Mark, who pointed out to the same medium that when he learned of his death he had “cried with relief”, because according to his stories the man was a “psychopath”.
But without a doubt, the one who had no mercy when it came to telling what his brother was like and how good he felt that he was no longer there was his sister, who also regretted that his death had been instantaneous.

“It was a shame that he died so quickly, I would have liked to slowly remove the leash and know that he was lying there dying. He deserved to be tortured to death,” Katie said.

In Mark’s Defense

It should be noted that not all of the man’s relatives were happy about his death, his father and girlfriend also gave their statements to the press and defended him, assuring that Katie and Katrina were trying to “smear his name”.

Jo Watts, Mark’s last girlfriend, said that the accusations were false and that both his partner’s mother and sister were doing wrong to talk about someone who was no longer there and could not defend himself.


“I felt a great relief”: mother celebrates that her son died because he was a rapist