“I have no conscience or memory” and fourteen other reflections of the greatest thief in Spain

is nicknamed Toad and in this Amazon Prime Video production he leaves a few reflections on his “job”. We collect fifteen of them.

For this thief, there are two types of criminals, and he is very clear about which group he belongs to: “Some people are criminals out of necessity; and others by choice. I am of the second category.

He defends that not everyone is suitable for this peculiar profession. And a virtue that must be cultivated by those who dedicate themselves to it is patience: «I prepare things very well and I never act hot».

He is aware that every big coup needs prior preparation that implies a significant expenditure of money. Thus, he calculates that he spent 100,000 euros on the theft of the paintings from esther koplowitz but that ended up taking €12 millionwhich is less than the 200 he calculated but is still a very important amount: “There is no business without investment,” he says about the capital gain he achieved.

When it comes to choosing whom to rob, it’s a sybarite: «Not everyone can be invited to be my victim. In order to be robbed by me, you have to have a status that allows it.”

Spain, paradise for theft

Sybarite, yes, but also a scholar who leaves as little as possible to chance. For years he had Spain as a center of operations for a fundamental reason. If he was caught, the punishment would be much less than in other latitudes: «Where is it easier to steal? Nowhere is it easier to steal. What you can have somewhere is less condemnation for doing it. So, the best was Spain.

«The first thing I read when I arrive in a country to settle is the Penal Code», presumes. He liked the one from Spain, it adapted to his interests.

In the hit in Yecla Two bands intervened. His and Casper’s. They were caught because some elements of the other group of criminals were given to flaunting the money. One of them bought a Ferrari a few days later. Toad I would never do it: “To have money you have to know how to have it and know how to spend it,” he maintains.

You also have to know where to spend it. In this case, he has a maxim that is never skipped: “I have never used money stolen in Spain in Spain.”

Every high-ranking villain must inspire fear and respect. Toad he is aware that he generates them in others.

“And if they give you away?”, they ask him in the documentary. “Impact. Very bad consequences. And at any time. I am very vindictive. I have time, money. And revenge is like caviar, it is eaten cold.

“Like all good psychopaths, I have very little empathy,” warns a man who lacks a sense of right and wrong. «To have an uneasy conscience I would have to have a conscience. I have no conscience. No memories.”

You always have to be on the lookout, because the agents of good never rest and neither do some rival gangs: «It is better to be warned than to be dead».

To be such a crook Toad You also have to know very well the environments in which you move. No massive events, because as the Police know that God raises them and they get together, it is very likely that in those meetings the agents are recording everything without anyone knowing: «I don’t go to funerals, baptisms or weddings ».

He doesn’t like costumes, but he likes costumes better than Mortadelo. He has dressed as a postman, as a security guard, as a woman… And, many times, as a priest: «Nobody distrusts a priest. And you can even walk through airports with money cash being a priest, which you couldn’t do as a banker”, he reflects aloud.

“I have no conscience or memory” and fourteen other reflections of the greatest thief in Spain