“I want to know why my son was poisoned”

loneliness guard he left Mendoza at the end of last year. She decided to settle in Neuquén with her four small children, ages 4, 6, 7 and 10, to start a new life and try to recover from the strong emotional shock she suffered at the beginning of the year, when judicial investigators called her to give her some harsh news.

She is the mother of Elías Aquino (9)who died in 2019, one of the alleged victims of the so-called “Guaymallén poisoner”.

On Monday the 28th he will be present at the new Judicial Pole, in the City, seeking justice. Her mother, who had a strong bond with Elías because he was her first grandchild, will accompany her on each of the days.

That day is scheduled to begin the jury trial against Karen Leylen Oviedo Esquivel31 years old, who, in addition to being accused of murdering Elías using antifreeze for motor vehicles, must answer in the dock for the murder of his partner until February 9 of this year, Rolando Angel Aquino (35)whose case uncovered the actions of “a psychopath” according to the investigations that spoke to this newspaper.

To take the life of father and son, the defendant would have acted with the same modus operandi: supply a product that you had previously purchased through Mercado Libre and that contains ethylene glycola somewhat sweet, colorless, odorless chemical that could easily be camouflaged with orange juice so as not to be detected.

Guardia, who was a partner of Rolando Aquino and had two children with him, spoke with Sun before arriving in the province to be part of the oral process.

She said that it will not be something simple for her. She must review how she experienced the process of the death of her son and declare it before the parties “remembering everything again”, that is, the jury of 12 citizens (six men and six women); Homicide Prosecutor Claudia Alejandra Ríos; the defense, which will seek to separate the suspect, and the technical judge Diego Lusverti, who was confirmed after a license from David Mangiafico.

Still shocked by what she had experienced, she assured that she was destroyed when they confirmed to her in March that her eldest son had died of poisoning two years earlier, when she believed it had been due to a cerebral thrombosis. And she explained that she has only one objective for what is to come, to know why Oviedo Esquivel decided to kill him on July 12, 2019when the boy spent a few days with his father during the winter holidays.

Doubts, over the years, caused anxiety in the young mother. “I felt guilty. When he (by Elías) was 7 years old, we had an accident. I was driving a motorcycle and a taxi hit us. I believed that he had sequelae and that is why he had died of a brain problem. The doctors, at the time, never found anything strange in him ”, explained during the talk.

“I am fine because of the love my children give me every day. Sometimes I wake up fine, other times I don’t. Unfortunately, due to Rolando’s death, it was revealed that the same thing had happened to my son, ”he added.

The woman will provide one of the most important testimonies in the process regarding the cause of the death of Elías.

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Prosecutor Ríos, among other arguments to support the accusation in the investigation stage, analyzed the contribution of witnesses in that case. And Guardia said something remarkable in relation to how Oviedo showed himself in the hours after the boy’s death.

In the file it was proven by the witnesses that the defendant wanted the body of the creature to be cremated quickly.

For the detectives, Oviedo’s intention was to erase all kinds of evidence that could complicate it in the future, for example, if the body was exhumed due to a judicial request in those days. “He said it was better to cremate him, so we could have his remains at home for a week each. But, at the time, I understood that it was not the right thing to do. I wanted to bury him, bring him flowers and mourn him”, he assured.

Elías’s mother explained that she is seeking justice for the death of her son and announced that she does not know how she will react to a possible sentence that Oviedo may receive. “I don’t see any sense in what he did. I don’t hate her or forgive her. It’s okay to pay. I can’t find an explanation as to why she did it. Why my son? He was such a sweet boy, he gave you peace. I feel so destroyed. If he bothered my son, why didn’t he tell me? He would have told me: ‘Don’t bring it to my house’ ”.

Risk the maximum penalty

For weeks, Justice has been preparing the next debate by juries with Karen Oviedo as the main protagonist. There was even talk that she was going to acknowledge the facts in an abbreviated debate (the defense agrees on the sentence with the prosecution and a judge approves the agreement) with a life sentence.

But the defendant changed her mind and began to question some of the evidence in the case, stating that it had nothing to do with the death of Elías and that Rolando Aquino had the intention of committing suicide and that he bought the product over the Internet.

Beyond this, according to judicial sources, it will be very difficult for a jury not to find her guilty.

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For prosecutor Ríos, who will lead the debate with the head of Homicide prosecutors, Fernando Guzzo, Oviedo began supplying the antifreeze to his common-law husband, Rolando Ángel Aquinoin the house they shared at Manuel A. Sáenz 4173 in Guaymallén.

The suspect started giving her partner kojic acid for a skin problem. A domestic employee noticed that the woman made her drink a liquid, between 5 and 7 p.m. on February 7 of this year, and that the victim told her that she did not want to ingest it because everything she gave him was bad for him.

“Oviedo forced Aquino to take the drops”said the witness. The employee asked Oviedo what illness Aquino had and the answer was that she suffered from apnea and that she should take sleeping pills, adding that the drops were for skin care.

The woman said that she observed the “Guaymallén poisoner” prepare a glass of water and that she added “a stream” of transparent liquid that was inside a plastic bottle. She gave it to him, and within 10 minutes, Aquino sat up in bed and began to vomit.

All this caused the man’s health to worsen. That same day he was taken to the Santa María Clinic, in Capital, and at 10 pm he fell into a coma. He could not recover and at 8.40 on Wednesday the 9th he passed away.

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At that moment the Justice began to work. An investigation was initiated to find out the causes of death and the clinical history was decisive for prosecutor Ríos to direct the investigation.

It emerged that the man entered the medical care center “without pathological history, with alternating consciousness, obtundation, disorientation and vomiting.” And they detected that he had hypopigmented skin and that the defendant reported that the onset of symptoms was after the ingestion of kojic acid.

Once the death was confirmed, the police personnel who arrived at the clinic interviewed Oviedo and then doubts arose. There were unanswered questions and a report to speed up the investigation. The woman said that both had ingested a skin medication that they had purchased through the Mercado Libre page.

The prosecutor summoned the specialist Sergio Saracco, head of the Department of Toxicology of the Ministry of Health and the Toxicological Information Center of the province, and assured that there was an analysis of the medical history, stating that he presented almost persistent metabolic acidosis and that it was not compatible with the intake of kojic acid.

“Aquino presented a toxin compatible with glycol poisoning, including ethylene glycol,” Saracco said in the case. The professional will also be one of the most important witnesses at the jury trial.

What finished closing the history of the case were the reports of the analysis of the cell phone from Oviedo and the response to a letter from the company Mercado Libre.
Between January 28 and February 3 – the latter date, four days before the death – the suspect bought ethylene glycol through the page.

In addition, she did some Google searches that compromised her, such as “what is the deadliest poison”, “a bitter poison easy to find”, “the most used poisons” and “ethylene glycol poisoning”.

Finally, from the expert reports it emerged that he wrote in the search engine: “Manage and delete the search history.”

Rolando Aquino, Elias and Karen Oviedo.

The Elijah case

With Oviedo arrested, charged and in preventive detention for the death of Rolando Aquino, prosecutor Ríos continued to add evidence and it emerged that she could be involved in the death of Elías.

The child’s mother, who had already been separated from Aquino for several years, and other witnesses testified and pointed their suspicions at Oviedo.

Elías died on July 12, 2019 at the Notti Hospital. There was no criminal investigation to find out the reasons for the death. The creature was known to have “slept all day” and never woke up.

Precisely, it was Guardia who had the most doubts. And he let the investigators know when Oviedo was already in prison.

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The victim’s mother explained that she had separated from Rolando when Elías was 8 months old, but that the relationship between the two was good. She said that the boy spent the weekends with his father and also when it was time for winter and summer vacations.

The baby was admitted to the Notti Hospital but could not recover. The medical history revealed that he had no pre-existing diseases and that he was a healthy boy.

Saracco also testified in this file and analyzed the medical history. He reported that the child was admitted to Notti in general poor condition, hypertensive, with respiratory distress and impaired consciousness as a result of an afebrile seizure and upper gastrointestinal bleeding, adding that he had renal dysfunction. This multi-organ failure caused his death.

For the professional, there was no doubt that there was a picture of methanol or ethylene glycol intoxication.

As it was no longer possible to exhum the body due to the passage of time, prosecutor Ríos once again sent a letter to the Mercado Libre company.

The response was not long in coming and was forceful: in this part of the instruction, the company’s report was important. Oviedo made two purchases of ethylene glycol and requested that the product be sent to his home ten days before the boy’s death.

“I want to know why my son was poisoned”