Igor the Russian, the primary psychopath who killed three times in Andorra and who put the State in check

Norbert Feher, better known as Igor the Russian, He will spend the rest of his days in jail. Well be in Spain where she went sentenced to reviewable permanent imprisonment or in Italy to life imprisonment. It was the criminal result of the trail of blood that he left behind in both countries at just 41 years of age. Like a lone wolf, he killed Davide Fabbri and Valerio Verri in the transalpine country, and the rancher José Luis Iranzo and the civil guards Víctor Romero and Víctor Jesús Caballero in Spanish territory.

A triple crimethe one from Andorra, which turns 5 on wednesday and whose wound remains unhealed because this primary psychopath who robbed houses to survive was able to jeopardize the security of the State. The lack of police and political responses to the flimsy operation prevents it.

For this Serb by birth, Spain was not unknown territory. He had lived in 2015 in the Valencian Community, where he had contacts. However, this time he focused on the deserted Lower Aragon. The first alarms went off on November 18, since constant robberies were taking place in masicos or rural booths. Until December 5, a dozen abductions were reported.

Nobody knew who or who could be behind it until that day before Constitution Day in which two people were about to die. It was in Albalate del Arzobispo, ten kilometers from the farmhouse of the man who would be murdered days later, José Luis Iranzo. On this occasion, the owner of a massico and a locksmith were shot from inside it when they were going to change a lock that was forced. Both were badly injured, although they managed to flee. He did it with the Smith & Wesson pistol that always accompanied him. There they were able to determine that there was an individual who not only stole, but was more than dangerous since he shot to kill.

alarm in Teruel

The alarm spread throughout the area, although the Government Delegation in Aragon and the Command of the Civil Guard de Teruel did not assess the obvious risk that existed. Proof of this was what would happen just nine days later with the murder of the two young civil guards they were being helped by a rancher who was known in the area.

Until Igor the Russian committed the triple crime, genetic samples were not taken in the massicos where he had been stealing and consuming cans of beer that he left behind; Just like with fingerprints. Hence, no alarm went off, despite the fact that his biological remains were in the police fileseven after the operation Pelicoroso (dangerous in Italian) was deployed months before in Malaga and Cádiz, by the hand of the National Police and the Carabinieri. Authorities believed that he might be hiding in the area. The analysis of these tests would have redirected said investigation.

A consumption of alcohol that was habitual in him, as demonstrated, for example, in the photos that he took with a GoPro and that were important for the investigation to determine that he was alone, on board a bike, that he was wearing camouflage and that he went down from Fraga to Andorra. He was leaving these on his way, along with other cans, also food, that he stole from the shops.

The fateful December 14, 2017 arrived. Eva, the wife of the young rancher José Luis Iranzo, spoke with her husband about the shortcomings of the operation before he joined six agents from the armed institute who were following in the suspect’s footsteps. He assumed the role of guide and led the agents to some nearby caves, but they could not find him, so Iranzo decided to go to his farm, in the area of ​​Mas del Saso.

He had no idea that the individual they were looking for would be there. killed him with two shots. One pierced his heart, according to the autopsy. José Luis’s father, of the same name, happened to be there. When he heard the shots he thought, as he stated, that they had “killed his dog”. Actually, it was his son who was lying on the ground. He hid among some bales of straw and dialed the number of the Civil Guard. It was 6:31 p.m. At that moment, he saw how his 40-year-old son’s car passed in front of him without stopping and he attributed it to the fact that he had not seen him. He did not know that Igor the Russian was behind the wheel.

The conversation with the room of 062 revealed the deep ignorance that existed not only of the dangerousness of the suspect, but also of the area. The man told him that the same man he had shot days before in Albalate del Arzobispo had done the same in his massico, in Saso. The agent who attended him asked him: Where is that?”, Iranzo’s father having to tell him: “If you call the Andorra Command they already know, they are looking for him out there in the pine forest».

Iranzo’s father followed the car with his eyes as it drove towards the A-223 road and, after a kilometer, saw how it crossed the road with another vehicle. It was that of agents Romero y Caballero, 30 and 38 years old. Caballero was the one who received the most shots: seven, in total. The first of them was in the back and in the buttock, which caused a fracture in the pelvis that led him to fall immediately to the ground. A way of killing the victim typical of his Feher paramilitary experience that was repeated in the case of Romero. He received four shots, the first from behind. The bullets caused several fractures, including a very serious one in the right femur that triggered significant bleeding. He knew where he was shooting to shoot them down and kill them.

operation cage

Without a judge to do the pertinent removal of the body, the three deceased were transferred to the health center. There, a cage operation began to hunt down the criminal. Igor the Russian kept driving on the A-226 road until he had an accident. At 2:25 a.m. on December 15, the Civil Guard operational center in Castellón warned that an overturned car was found between the towns of Cantavieja and Mirambel.

Twenty minutes later, two civil guards confirmed that it was Iranzo’s Mitsubishi. Some 25 meters away, next to an oak tree and among some bushes, they observed a camouflaged military-colored backpack. Next to him was Igor the Russian who, when being focused with a flashlight, raised his head. He did not try to kill them, despite the bloody trail he had caused and the fact that he was well armed. Four pistols and more than ten knives and machetes.

In this way, the story written by a serial killer who forensic psychologists defined as a “primary psychopath” ended. «He is not afraid of anything or anyone, talkative when he wants, hypervigilant, liar, manipulative, joking, seductive, he likes excitement while being emotionally tough and does not show empathy for the pain of others. All of this put State security in check and now the Amigos de Iranzo platform is seeking funding for political leaders to give explanations in court. Until this occurs, they will not be able to close the case.

Igor the Russian, the primary psychopath who killed three times in Andorra and who put the State in check