“Impossible to get a word out of me …”: Julie de Bona confides in her “shyness”, which helped her late

Did you know that Julie de Bona was “extremely shy” when she was younger? The 41-year-old actress confided in the “Journal des Femmes” about this fear that paralyzed her…

Julie de Bona is a prolific actress, navigating easily between roles and characters, so different from each other. While we could see him at the top of his game in the series Charity Bazaar Where The Fightersshe plays the role of a woman in remission from breast cancer in the fiction Dragon’s Breath, broadcast on M6 last October. She camped there a resilient person, who discovers sensuality, closeness… It is therefore difficult to imagine that a few decades ago, Julie de Bona could not align a few words in front of a stranger!

In an interview at Women’s Journalthe actress – that we find this Sunday, November 20 in A Sunday in the countryside, program hosted by Frédéric Lopez – told us that she was particularly shy in childhood.

“I was extremely shy”

When I was 7 years old, I was extremely shy, I did not know how to assert myself to the point that it was impossible to make me say a word. (laughs)”, assured the 41-year-old actress. It was by remembering this difficult period that Julie de Bona was able to bring more nuances to her character in Dragon’s Breath. Finally, I used my childhood to transpose Sandrine’s development onto the screen. I could totally identify with this woman, totally impressed by her peers who have a lot of character. Having trouble saying no, not knowing exactly how it feels, these are things that speak to me“, she had also told us.

Julie de Bona, “blocked” at the theater

A shyness that probably comes from his ambivalent upbringing. “On the one hand, I had an expansive, charming father, full of human warmth and sensuality, and on the other, a mother steeped in Asian culture, very discreet, modest, reserved to the extreme who never showed his feelings“, she said in an interview with Paris Capital. Because of his reserve, his first experience in the theater was somewhat arduous: “As at the age of seven, no one could approach me, mom signed me up for an acting class. On the day of the end of year show, I was so stuck that no sound came out of my mouth! I found the approach immodest“.

Julie de Bona wants to “go further into the psychopathic side”

From now on, Julie de Bona is no longer afraid to assert herself and constantly pushes her limits. While she played in the recent series of M6, The House Opposite, the actress would be totally ready to return for a new season … on one condition. “That my character is going completely insane“, she confided to us, before specifying: “I want to go further in the “psychopathic” side and even create a kind of monster“. Julie de Bona has certainly come a long way…

“Impossible to get a word out of me …”: Julie de Bona confides in her “shyness”, which helped her late