In Marseille, firm prison required against the leader of a disbanded neo

Judgment is expected Wednesday at 2 p.m. Three former BHH leaders had been appearing since Monday for “participation in a combat group”, namely a hierarchical organization, likely to disturb public order and having access to weapons.

And for the prosecutor, these three conditions are met in this case. Laurie Leblond has therefore requested a year in prison against Loïc Delboy, the founder-leader of BHH.

A year in prison, including six months suspended and one year suspended, were also requested against Pierre Scarano and David Dumas, two other members of the staff of this small group dissolved in July 2019 by the President of the Republic in response to a resurgence of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim acts in France.

Nazi salutes

Referring to the discovery at their home and among other BHH members of numerous knives, truncheons, daggers sometimes adorned with Third Reich emblems and brass knuckles in large numbers, Laurie Leblond recalled that“A blow from a moped chain used as a trouser belt, which is extremely popular with far-right movements, can kill”.

Even if the members of this group are not prosecuted for incitement to violence, hatred, or for revisionism, the prosecutor noted “their desire for violence, for letting off steam”in particular in the organization of MMA martial arts tournaments, which were prohibited at the time.

Quoting the remarks made by Loïc Delboy during his speech for the 2013 summer solstice, Ms Leblond felt that they “demonstrate the belligerent will of the white race to avoid its annihilation by the dogs of Israel and the sons of Allah”.

Nazi salutes at concerts, “gatherings of people who think that the extermination of Jews, gypsies, the disabled and German homosexuals is tolerable, are, according to the prosecutor, likely to disturb public order”.

“Reverent Nationalist”

For Me Patrice Payan, defender of Loïc Delboy, this is a “crazy offence”: “We had to choose other incriminations, he pleaded, because the disturbance of moral public order that they are accused of, it does not fit with the combat group”.

“They are there because they are members of an association declared in the prefecture to organize concerts of identity music and you are asked to say that it is a combat group”added Me Pierre-Marie Bonneau, lawyer for Pierre Scarano.

They therefore pleaded for release for the three ex-leaders of the small group, calling on the court to “go against the current of political correctness, media correctness”.

Interviewed on Tuesday, Pierre Scarano, bus driver in the Paris region in retraining to become a sports coach, presented himself as “a staunch nationalist” while contesting any membership in a combat group, highlighting its “passion for music”.

“National Socialism, I say no, socialism with national preference, I say yes. It is common sense to want your country to be great”answered a question on the Nazi ideology advocated by Blood and Honor Hexagone Pierre Scarano, neck and hands covered with tattoos including a psychopathic character from the science fiction novel Clockwork Orange.

Loïc Delboy, in his last speech, assured that BHH was “a band of friends who make music”. “We never wanted to be a fighting band and in eight years of organizing concerts, there has never been a single overflow“, he asserted.

In Marseille, firm prison required against the leader of a disbanded neo-Nazi group