In Uruguay there are 90,000 psychopaths, says specialist Soledad De Franco

Psychopathy is one of the most serious pathologies found within society. Lawyer Soledad De Franco has two postgraduate degrees, one in psychopathy and the other on accompaniment of people affected by psychopaths. Interviewed by Jennifer Cassarino on the radio program “Panorama 1410” that is broadcast on Radio La R 1410 AM and Tele R through Vera TV from Monday to Friday at 10:00 and 12:00, she referred to the current situation of psychopaths within society.

For the specialist, one of the most frequent errors is to affirm that the psychopath is a narcissist. «The psychopath is a special being, atypical because he represents an exception to normality and normality taken in statistical terms». She said that statistically and according to studies carried out in Argentina, 97% of people are ordinary and the psychopath is that remaining 3% “that confirms the rule.” She clarified that the psychopath is not a narcissist, “because a narcissist is a neurotic and the psychopath has none of those traits.”

Soledad De Franco maintains that taking that 3% it can be estimated that in Uruguay there are 90,000 psychopaths who are divided equally between men and women.

«The psychopath is not mentally ill. It is not a pathology, because it is something with which the subject is born, lives and dies, but it does not in any way cloud his ability to act freely, with conscience, with the will of his actions and he acts even knowing what his actions can do. negatively impact the rest of society or other specific people,” he said.

He summarized that the psychopath has his own codes and expanded freedom and resorts to objectification as a relationship mechanism, “with a very special and generally very harmful personality.”

Asked about what age psychopathy can be detected, he pointed out that children give signs from an early age. “One of the main indicators are those children who mistreat and kill animals or that vocation that some have towards the start of fire, towards mastery of fire.” Those who first alert about these behaviors are usually teachers in schools.

A psychopath is “a manipulator of a strategy without codes, where the end justifies the means,” he maintains. He adds that “the way to detect psychopathy is without interpretations, and simply by describing behaviors.”

Regarding what has happened with very violent crimes in recent years, De Franco said that “obviously behind this procedure there is a significant amount of psychopathy. However. The million dollar question is whether there are more psychopaths than before. He wondered “Could it be that the lifestyle of Western societies is leading people to lose more and more of their inhibitions and work for their own interests regardless of the damage they cause? It is a question that still does not have a scientific answer. But what is clear and what is a guideline is that these tremendous homicides have their connection with what drug trafficking is and what are organized criminal gangs. Psychopaths are perfect members for this type of band because of their way of being.

In Uruguay there are 90,000 psychopaths, says specialist Soledad De Franco – Grupo R Multimedio