Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours, the terrible murders that inspired the film

Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours is the film that airs tonight at 9pm on Iris. This is the detective story signed by Don Siegel and released in 1971 which stars Clint Eastwood as the leading inspector.

Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours, the plot

Harry Callaghan (Clint Eastwood) is a San Francisco inspector who has made a name for himself for his extraordinary ability to put criminals who cross his path behind bars. A true legend of the Bay Police, Harry Callaghan is assigned to follow a case linked to a real psychopath. A killer, in fact, he was stationed on the rooftops of San Francisco, starting to shoot at the unsuspecting crowd. The man then writes a letter to the police, in which he threatens to continue with the murders if he does not receive some sort of ransom of twenty thousand dollars. The killer signs himself Scorpio and it will be Callaghan’s job to solve the case. Scorpio (Andrew Robinson) actually ends up in jail, but is released in a very short time due to lack of actual evidence. At that point, a real manhunt will begin for Callaghan, which will take place outside the limits of legality.

The real murders behind the film

Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours is a film that has made the history of cinema. The character played by Clint Eastwood, who in the original version is identified with the epithet Dirty Harry (i.e. dirty), he was able to attract so much attention that he became as much a symbol as a source of inspiration. As we read on Everyeye, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger has repeatedly stated that Harry Callaghan’s character and actions have had a strong impact on his career, helping him build certain characters in his career. However, not all forms of inspiration are as positive as the one just mentioned. According to theInternet Movie Data Base, in September 1981 there was a crime, a real crime, inspired by the film itself. In the reconstruction made by The Guardian, we read about how Ursula Hermann, a ten-year-old girl from Eching, disappeared on the stretch of road that connected her home to her aunt’s. After thirty-six hours of desperate searching, the girl’s parents received a call: the interlocutor remained mute, with the notes of a commercial from the radio station Bayern 3 in the background.

At noon the next day, Ursula’s family received a letter made from newspaper scraps, asking for 450,000 German marks. The family agreed to pay the ransom: since it was not a wealthy family, the Hermann couple managed to get the amount thanks to the help of a neighbor and the state itself. However, the kidnappers stopped making themselves heard and the case remained suspended. After two weeks it was decided to start looking for the girl again in the forest near the house, also using hounds. On the fourth day of the search, the police found a wooden box measuring seventy-two by sixty centimeters, locked with padlocks. Inside was Ursula’s now cold and lifeless body. The kidnappers, it was later discovered, wanted to keep Ursula alive: the box was full of water, Fanta, chocolate bars, biscuits and chewing gum. There were even comic books, a light and a radio tuned to Bayern 3. To allow Ursula to breathe, the crate had a ventilation system consisting of plastic plumbing pipes, which extended down to ground level. But whoever designed it hadn’t realized that without a machine to circulate the air, oxygen would run out quickly. According to reports IMDB, a couple were arrested twenty-seven years after thehomocide which would have been inspired by a scene from the film, when Scorpio kidnaps a little girl.

Zodiac that inspired Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours

The weight that Don Siegel’s film had, however, above all on the history of the seventh art in the twentieth century, is almost undoubted. This is perhaps also because the final script that was brought to the big screen was influenced by one of the cases of true crime most famous ever. As you can read on the website ofInternet Movie Data Basein fact, the Scorpio case is freely inspired by the true crime story linked to the serial-killer that went down in history as Zodiac. The killer, who operated in the San Francisco bay area in the late 1960s, became famous because of the encrypted messages he sent to the police, almost daring detectives to track him down. A sort of modern Jack the Ripper, who after his massacres provoked the police, knowing with certainty that he would be able to get away with it. And in fact, just like in the case of the White Chapel killer, the case of the Zodiac Killer has remained unsolved. The reference to one of the bloodiest pages in the history of San Francisco is also given by the fact that the character of Clint Eastwood is inspired, always according to IMDBto David Toschi, who was in charge of the team with the task of investigating the killer.

Also, at the beginning of Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case it is yours you see the camera linger on the wall dedicated to the memorial of all the dead police officers on duty. Among these names is also seen Eric A. Zelms, who was one of the two policemen who probably met the real Zodiac on 11 October 1969. The two agents, in fact, responded to an emergency call made following the murder of a taxi driver. Arriving on the scene, Zelms and his colleague Don Fouke they met a Caucasian man who was walking away from the crime scene. Since at the beginning, second IMDB, the police were looking for a black man, the two police officers did not focus too much on the lonely stranger who was standing near a crime scene.

Inspector Callaghan: The Scorpio case is yours, the terrible murders that inspired the film