International day against violence against women, Rai: dedicated programming on TV, radio and web

There are still too many women who suffer mistreatment, aggression, persecutory behavior or are even killed by those who do not want to free themselves from a patriarchal and oppressive mentality. For the International Day against Violence against Women, on 25 November, Rai, with its channels and newspapers on radio, TV and the web, offers moments of reflection and dedicated contents.

During the week which includes and which follows the day of the anniversary, broadcasts such as “Domenica In”, “A Ruota Libera”, “ItaliaSì!”, “I Fatti Vostri”, “Bellama’”, “Nei tue panni”, “ Intercomare Rai2” and “Vorrei dirti che” will be able to introduce the theme.

From 20 to 27 November the commercial of the institutional campaign is broadcast and from 25 to 28 November the institutional campaign of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. To these are added from 21 to 25 November the broadcast of the Actionaid awareness campaign and the one carried out by Rai in collaboration with the Bank of Italy on economic violence.

On 24 November, on Rai 1 at 9.55 am, the live broadcast of the debate in the Senate on the International Day against Violence against Women will be broadcast by Rai Parlamento. On Friday 25 November the broadcasts “Uno Mattina”, “Italian Stories”, “Today is another day”, “Life live” and “L’Eredità” will carve out dedicated spaces and the same will do on Sunday 27 November family”.

Rai 3 will begin on 23 November with the live broadcast, edited by Rai Parlamento, of the discussion in the Chamber of Deputies of motions on the topic of violence against women. Following this, “Geo” will propose a reflection on how to combat gender stereotypes in the education of adolescents. Friday 25 November, again on Rai 3, “Past and present – Violence against women” retraces the tortuous path of women’s emancipation, then in prime time “The life that will come – Herself”, a film about an escape towards a free life from physical and psychological harassment. Saturday 26 November “Tv talk” will take up the theme of gender violence during the broadcast and Sunday 27 November “Timeline” will explore the social aspect and online communication.

All the newspapers will be busy with reports and insights. Rainews24 will dedicate two specials to the International Day against Violence against Women, at 9.30 and 15.30, the Tgr will deal with the theme with data on the phenomenon at a local level and together with anti-violence associations and centres. In collaboration with the Bank of Italy, the TgR with the Buongiorno Regione column starting from 24 and 25 November will deal with the issue of economic violence against women, launching a long-term campaign, a project agreed with the Bank of Italy Italia by the Editorial Department for the Information Offer and by the Rai Sustainability Department.

Rai Premium on November 25th will present the documentary “La prima donna che – Tina Lagostena Bassi” and the film “Io ci sono”, the story of the lawyer Lucia Annibali.

Rai Storia will retrace the institution and the ways in which the day was celebrated in “The day and history”, then it will broadcast “Italiani – Tina Lagostena Bassi”, “Past and present – Violence against women” and Saturday 26 November in second evening “A special day – Dacia Maraini – against violence against women”.

Rai Gulp selects content tailored to different age groups, from the cartoons “The Feathered Serpent” and “Vanille”, to the film “Red Hands”, which deals with the delicate issue of domestic abuse. On 26 November in the early evening “Rocca changes the world” will be broadcast and in the late evening “Dilili in Paris”.

Rai Scuola for the International Day against Violence against Women will broadcast the School Specials “My name is a woman” and “Gender equality”.

The Rai Cultura portal will offer a special that retraces, with archival footage, the path taken by the UN in more than twenty years, from 17 December 1999, the date of establishment of this day.

The docufilm “Sisterhood”, the first work by director Domiziana De Fulvio, will be available exclusively on the RaiPlay platform, a documentary filmed between Italy, the United States and Lebanon and which tells the stories of three women’s basketball teams. Films, fiction and miniseries will then be on the platform, including “The promised life”, “Nome di donna”, “La ciociara”, “Mia or nobody’s”. The dedicated playlist will highlight contributions from theatrical performances, journalistic services, documentary films and interviews on the themes of feminicide, stalking, domestic violence and those on the net.

The RaiPlay Sound platform will display on the home page a strip of audio contributions from “Che giorno è”, “Fahrenheit”, “Forrest”, “Tutta la città ne parla” and “Formato Famiglia” with testimonials, interviews, insights. There will also be three audio-documentaries: “Santa Subito”, the story of Santa Scorese, a young Catholic activist from Bari who was murdered in 1991 by a psychopath who had persecuted her for years, “Consenso. Every day and every night at the Mangiagalli Clinic”, which traces the history of the Center born thirty years ago, the first Emergency Department in Italy to assist and support women victims of physical and psychological abuse, and “Vite di Alice”, the story of a girl arrived in Italy from Russia, trapped in various forms of violence, physical, psychological, economic and sexual.

International day against violence against women, Rai: dedicated programming on TV, radio and web – Welfare & Social work – Sicilia Report