Invasion of the Psycho


Invasion of the Psycho

In search of the peseta falling so that indifference does not reign in the face of an invader’s Armageddon, I make use of a narrative technique called parallel history. Welcome aboard:

In recent days, the Honduran president gave the order to annex 4 of the 14 Salvadoran departments, partially occupied by his army: Chalatenango, La Paz, San Miguel and La Unión. This, with false solvency product of recently held referendums. “At gunpoint,” explains Pepita the parrot.

According to the invader, an average of 87% of the referendum participants – 99% in San Miguel – voted for the land where they live to be part of the Union of Honduran Socialist Republics (URSH). In order not to die, you have to lie.

The plain truth is that Honduras has no right to annex Salvadoran land, just as it has no cloth to cut on Conejo Island, which it has occupied since 1982.

The invasion of the psychopath took the Cuscatleco Indian out of the marathon minister, and his troops, and thanks to the logistical and ballistic support of the gringos and the Europeans, the San Quintín invasion was armed. As a result, the URSH suffered heavy physical and material casualties, an end to the Salvadoran government’s dream of surrender in less than 1 month. First dead!

The international economic sanctions have also weakened the invader who, in an act of despair, sounds the nuclear drums and activates the mandatory recruitment of 300k reinforcements; action that aroused massive repudiation protests in Tegus, Jan Pedro and La Ceiba, the burning of 20 Recruitment Centers, and the emigration of thousands of young people who do not have, nor do they want, watch over said burial

The orchestra of nations, with a few exceptions, has condemned the psychopath’s invasion, the false referendums, and the massive recruitment of civilians, without military experience, safe cannon fodder and rivers of blood.

Old but thuggish Uncle Sam has made it clear that if nuclear escalation continues to levels not seen since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, there will be “apocalyptic consequences for Honduras,” whose psychopathic president is hell-bent on getting his way to avoid humiliation and overthrow. WW3 in sight.

Protests against the war are less frequent in Catracho territory, since the order is to imprison or kill anyone who opposes the “glorious special military operation”; national priority, as is the omnipresent state communication apparatus, to wash brains with “the plea of ​​Salvadorans to belong to the URSH”, something so far from reality. To maintain the deception, the psychopath has blocked the signal to international media and social networks. “What a dove!”

Last week, a barrage of 83 missiles from the invader fell mercilessly on civilian targets, flattening the Salvadoran National Palace, the Benjamin Bloom Children’s Hospital, and a school in San Miguel.

Cultural and children’s carnage, as a reaction to the destruction of a bridge, towards Conejo Island, by the Atlacatl Battalion directed by remote control by the defense minister, who was running a marathon in Chicago.

Let’s land in reality.

As a consequence of the Russian escalation, the diplomatic battle returned last Wednesday to the United Nations. In March, 141 member nations voted against the invasion, 4 in favor and 35 abstentions, one of them El Salvador. Last Wednesday the number of convictions increased; the same 4 in favor: Rocket Man, al-Assad, Lukachenko and Daniel Ortega! On this last occasion, El Salvador did not even show up.

They say they have faith in God, they decree days of prayer, they speak with Colocho, and they address the Nation with Saint Romero behind them; but by keeping silent about Armageddon in action, they marry the devil. “What a dove! the parrot trembles, and crosses her fingers tapping so that the son of Putin does not press the button.


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Invasion of the Psycho