INVESTIGATION (and III). The defense requests that the environment of Nazzaryn’s friends be investigated

An order of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 2 of Alcalá la Real agrees to the initiation of proceedings for the trial before the Jury Court and indicates that Nazzaryn NN is being investigated for two crimes: murder and sexual assault. The confessed author of the crime of the Fortaleza de la Mota, in Alcalá la Real, in which the corpse of a 14-year-old girl was found, must appear on the 29th, as well as the parties and the Public Prosecutor. However, the victim’s defense appeals the summons for a fundamental reason: there is too much evidence to practice.

Juan José Moreno Ibarra, the lawyer hired by Khawla’s mother, Hakyma Zeroil, assures that there were more people involved, directly or indirectly, that night of February 15, in the church of Santo Domingo de Silos, an inaccessible place to which, Apparently, the teenager arrived “tricked” to enjoy the privileged views that the place offers. His intention is that the preliminary investigations continue and that the friendly environment of the person being investigated, who has remained in jail since that moment, be thoroughly investigated. “We are convinced that there was participation of third parties who are not investigated and it must be determined,” he explains. One of the main hypotheses on which his thesis is based has to do with the photographs that the confessed author sent to a friend just while he was allegedly perpetrating the crime, who confirmed that he received them and that he later deleted them. “The Civil Guard, far from intervening the mobile phone, left it to them, when through the Department of Telematic Crimes these deleted images could have been removed. This is just one example of many others that show that everything that happened cannot be confined to one person”, comments the lawyer. There is more. According to the testimonies collected, there are more videos in which you can see how the group of friends made several attempts at suffocation in the form of a game. “We are not going to tolerate that all this goes unnoticed,” he stresses.

It must be remembered that Jaula, as she is known to all, went to a friend’s house that afternoon to help her study. She had to return to her home at 8:30 p.m., but it is already known that she did not return. “There is a detail that is very suspicious, because they say that when Nazzaryn and Khawla left the house to go to Castillo de la Mota, one of their friends was with them. The three of them were going towards the fortress, an evidence that she acts as cover for him. In the middle of the way, it is curious that she runs off saying that she had forgotten to buy hay. There is a plan with sexual connotations that has to do with dangerous games, and everyone participated intellectually, in such a way that, commission by omission, they knew what was going to happen, and then came the regrets. The end was morbid games, where he had warned that he was going to kill her ”, exposes Juan José Moreno.

He gives details of the autopsy, which reveals that Cage was strangled and, while she died, suffered the sexual assault. “Who raped her? He says that she is impotent and, if there were no third parties, she would be with an object. Where is she? Many unknowns that, before the trial with the People’s Jury is held, will have to be resolved.

Reports determine that the confessed author is a “manual psychopath”

Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by narcissism, impulsiveness, and controlling and manipulative behaviors. Those diagnosed lack empathy from birth, have the impossibility of accessing the pain or happiness of others and seek to integrate and blend into society, without attracting much attention. This is the profile, according to the sources consulted, of the confessed perpetrator of the Alcalá la Real crime, Nazzaryn NN, a 22-year-old young man who forensic studies determine as a “manual psychopath.” Khawla’s family lawyer, Juan José Moreno, assures that she, however, will not be a defense in the open judicial procedure.

In the autopsy there are also clear details that suggest that what the alleged perpetrator of the events did has satanic overtones, a maxim announced by the mother of the adolescent, Hakyma Zeroil, in the interview published yesterday by this newspaper, in which she spoke of a ritual related to the devil. “They had the preconceived plan that the person who was going to be subjected to this type of practice was her. Cage was her guinea pig for her to play her crazy game, ”says the lawyer. He refers, in this line, to the videos that they recorded days before in which Nazzaryn, with a group of friends, rehearsed how it was possible to stop breathing and, even, after pressing the lungs, one of them fainted .

“The forensic report says that he is normal, that he is a manual psychopath, a disease that prevents him from discerning between good and evil, because these types of people are more intelligent than average.” Says a lawyer who is also a criminologist. “It is not an exemption for the criminal responsibility to which the confessed author will be subjected,” he insists.

He also refers to sadism: “He takes these photographs and sends them to third parties, so he shows with this action that he wants his feat to be seen.” This is how cruel is the profile of a young man with a well-known family in Alcalá la Real, where he lived with his adoptive parents, of different nationalities. Nazzaryn and Khawla were not friends, but the sources consulted confirm that they had seen each other a couple of times and that the afternoon that she went to help a friend study, he also went to that same house. In fact, there is a photograph of the two together moments before he himself called the 112 emergency service to confess to the crime. In the audio, also published by this newspaper on its website, the coldness in his message is clearly seen. Not only does he describe how he is dressed, but he warns that he will wait in the Fortaleza de la Mota until the Civil Guard agents arrive. He even says goodbye with a “good night, thank you very much”. We must also remember the audios sent via WhatsApp to a friend in which he himself says that he is not made to live in society. “My head has gone, I am a psychopath,” he emphasizes. On the other hand, the alleged perpetrator of one of the cruelest crimes in memory, due to the violence used, supposedly, in the death, has a police record for a sexual assault that he committed when he was 15 years old. He accosted a 20-year-old girl as he was walking down the street and raped her. In addition to being a “psychopath”, the sources consulted assure that the confessed author is a person with a high IQ. He is in prison, specifically, in the Albolote Penitentiary Center, where he was transferred for causing problems in Jaén.

Complete interview of Diario JAÉN with Hakima Reroil, Khawla’s mother.

INVESTIGATION (and III). The defense requests that the environment of Nazzaryn’s friends be investigated