invincible fraud scheme

Like the Ukrainians, who to date cannot find a plausible reason to justify the cruel invasion against their nation that occurred to a Russian psychopath more than eight months ago, we Bolivians have been meeting, for more than a month , engaged in determining the date of carrying out a population and housing census, whose objectives contain much more than the simple count of our population and its most pressing needs.

However, both conflicts, whose solution seems to be very simple, have a common denominator that clearly identifies them with fraud and imposture, making them invincible, which is to achieve a way to remain in power using legal norms that allow them to achieve that goal, such as the famous Supreme Decree No. 27915 of December 13, 2004, which provides that the State must ensure the free registration of indigenous peoples, native peoples and peasant communities throughout the country because, as they are not registered in the Civil Registry, they do not have identity cards. identity to register in the electoral register, a fact that prevents them from exercising their right to vote.

Based on said legal norm, it was not a problem to adapt the proposal of the then president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez Frías, under the precepts of his recently created Identity Mission, allowing indigenous people to obtain an identity card, as a document that expresses their access to health, education and, most importantly: “their clearer participation in the vote”. Moreover, based on these arguments, in March 2008, the Cuban Mission in our country suggested to Morales, if he intended to remain in power indefinitely, to inflate the Electoral Register, within his “Patriotic Agenda 2025” , in the image and likeness of the Cuban system.

It was then that the Personal Identification Unit, Driver’s License and Driver’s School was removed from the Bolivian Police, and the Personal Identification Service (SEGIP) was created so that the MAS administers the Civil Registry Service (SERECI), which registered millions of false Birth Certificates with voting age, and passed to the SEGIP for the issuance of the Card that allows them to be registered in the Electoral Register in the nine Departments, and to execute this “Patriotic Agenda Plan-2025”. After this procedure, the Cubans would be in charge of the computerization and systematization of the SERECI, SEGIP, INE and the National Electoral Register.

In light of the foregoing, it is not difficult to infer the reason for the fierce opposition to carrying out a 2023 Census, which would reflect all these falsifications made in the data of the current Electoral Register. In fact, until 10 years ago, this rule of citizen registration was carried out normally, until it was unexpectedly suspended, due to the imminence of elections that would define the seizure of power and the permanence in it, of the MAS.

Declare war on Santa Cruz, imitating the disastrous and criminal incursions of the 1950s, which began the absurd polarization between collas and cambas, moving uncultural groups and forces of disorder to subjugate that brother town, brandishing a donkey’s jawbone like the that Cain used to kill his brother Abel, is the most unpatriotic, schizophrenic, unbalanced and foolish thing that a government can do, just to stay in power forever, with an invincible fraud plan.

invincible fraud scheme