Is it born or made? Boy with psychopathic tendencies tormented his family all his childhood

Through social networks, a terrifying case was revealed in which a child was born with a psychopathic tendency, since many of his attitudes terrified his family, especially his sister, who always thought that he needed professional help.

Belinda Christopher revealed in Discovery Investigation that, “I am convinced that Eric, his brother, was born a psychopath, for me he needed help from a very young age, he did not tolerate being told no, he did not tolerate that they wanted to correct him, anything made him explode.”

One of the first indications that the child had a problem was when he was sharing with the family. Christopher recounted that one night when they were playing cards, something happened that caused him great fear, because at one point they told him that I was cheating and he got up and threw the whole game on the floor. After a while he returned to the room, but he did not seem sorry, on the contrary, on his face was an expression of fury and hatred.

Although this moment went unnoticed, a few days later her brother did something that filled her with terror. Christopher had a duck that he had adopted from a neighbor, but one sunny day when they had cut the grass, Eric arrived with the animal in a box and said that a dog had attacked it. However, the woman realized that this had not been caused by a canine, buts had a split wing, you could see the entrails; meanwhile, his brother did not show any emotion of sadness and his face showed coldness.

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“My mom told Eric kill him and bury him, do it quickly so she doesn’t suffer, I remember that I locked myself in the closet and I sat there crying, I don’t know how long I was inside. Eric came back and said ‘I wanted tell you that I buried your duck alive and it was still squealing when I buried it’ and said ‘no dog attacked him, it was me with the lawn mower'”, meanwhile, he showed her a proud smile when he saw the sadness on his sister’s face.

Despite the fact that his family already suspected his psychopathic tendencies, they did not seek professional help, which is why his thoughts continued to torment him and he made them commit terrifying acts.

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One of the acts that marked her sister the most was an occasion in which she was enjoying a day at the pool, and his brother tried to drown him. “Suddenly she grabbed my hair and pushed me down. He was standing over me, my eyes were open and I saw them looking at me from the outside and I thought I’m going to drown and nobody will know”he expressed.

However, a capeless hero arrived and managed to push the young man who was about to kill his sister. The fear that he felt was so great that he never wanted to tell his parents about it, since she was afraid that he might attack her.

Finally, one afternoon, a police patrol came to his house to look for Eric, because his anger led him to commit criminal acts on the street, hitting other people and attacking them in the same way he did his sister. As usual, the authorities went to his house, as it became an everyday thing for the young man to let himself be carried away by his psychopathic thoughts.

Is it born or made? Boy with psychopathic tendencies tormented his family all his childhood