Is Joker available on Netflix?

Joker is a movie based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Released in 2019, this 122-minute film features star actors like Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix. Between 2019 and 2020, the film received 361 nominations in several categories and won awards including two Golden Globes and two Oscars.

Real triumphs at the worldwide box office (over a billion dollars in revenue) and receives more than positive reviews, the film nevertheless generates a lively controversy, especially in the USA, in relation to its so-called apology for violence. The film was unveiled in official competition at the 2019 Venice Film Festival where it won the Golden Lion. He received a standing ovation from the audience at the time.

Is the movie available on Netflix?

Joker was a big hit at the international box office. It was critically acclaimed, hence its eleven Oscar nominations. Signed by director Todd Phillips, the film was not available on the platform until December 23, 2022. It was possible to see it on Netflix Japan. You can use a VPN (virtual private network) for this. However, now, there is no longer any need to do this since the film is present on the French catalog of Netflix.

So, in January 2023, you will be able to watch Joker on Netflix. It is therefore a magnificent Christmas gift that was made to subscribers since many regretted not seeing the film in the French catalog, especially after the latter was broadcast in 2022 on TF1. Joker has therefore brought out his red costume and his green locks since December 23 on Netflix!

What is the story of Joker?

Brought by a Joaquin Phoenix at the height of his art as the Joker (he also received the Oscar for best actor), the film highlights a real descent into hell. Signed Todd Phillips, the story focuses on the character of Arthur Fleck, a mocked and lonely man. The latter lives with his mother and has a job in a clown company. One night, he gets beaten up by three traders. In response, they eliminate them. From that moment, he falls into a great madness. Then, he transforms into this character that all DC fans know: Joker, Batman’s number one enemy, psychopath and Gotham City’s leading criminal.

Where is it possible to see the film?

Apart from Netflix, you can watch Joker on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and MyCanal. For Amazon, viewing is done on paid VOD (2.99 euros for rental or 4.99 euros for purchase). Ditto for MyCanal with a rental at 2.99 euros.

Is there a sequel?

The film is rated 4.4/5 on AlloCiné. Released on October 4, 2019 in the USA, a sequel is planned. It’s called Joker: Folie à deux. Joaquin Phoenix will resume his role as the Joker while Lady Gaga will take on the features of Harley Quinn. Robert De Niro will also be there.

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