Jack the Ripper teaches us medicine

In case there was any doubt about it, Pedro Sánchez showed in Congress the paw, which is hoof and claw, with all its fullness in a phrase that sounds like Jack the Ripper giving surgery lessons: «Spanish democracy is imperfect. It needs improvements and it needs reforms.”

In addition, to finish off the impudence, he released it when questioned by Gabriel Rufián, another notable constitutionalist whose love for Spain is similar to that of the Boston Strangler for physiotherapy: “We are democrats before we are independentistas,” the ERC spokesman told Sánchez, in a joint scene reminiscent of the one in which Torrente, the stupid arm of the law, proposed to Gabino Diego to lighten his crotch a little.

«What, Gabriel, do we do some reforms?».

The manipulation of language is the first technique of populism, which appeals to the law, democracy or freedom like no other, to then perpetrate its autocratic misdeeds in the name of all of it.

Sánchez has already installed the story that the Constitution, and true democracy, is kidnapped by a sinister coalition of ultra politicians, Francoist judges, lying and powerful journalists with cigars to, based on that grotesque caricature, justify the dismantling of the State of right and found, definitively, the Sanchista Republic, with its capital in Whitechapel and his body dismembered by every independentist psychopath who helps him stay forever.

There has not been a satrap throughout history who does not present himself as a guarantor of democracy or claim, to perpetrate each crime, that he is saving it from fictitious conspiracies and non-existent conspirators.

But for a president of the European Union to do so, after four formal warnings contained in the Commission’s GRECO report to free the judiciary from the obscene interventionism of politicians, is surprising.

Hungary and Poland have been admonished for much less than what has already been perpetrated by Sánchez, who also heads the only European government made up of communists and intervened by separatists, two of the creeds that have caused the most pain, blood and wars in the history of the continent. .

If Sánchez is also the one who asks for the most money from Brussels and the one who implements the least public spending reforms, how do you explain the European lukewarmness with an institutional and economic challenge that can add new fires to those already in force with Russia, the recession, the irrelevance before China or the United States and, among many others, the third generation fundamentalism implanted in so many nearby countries?

Here we are missing something. And without the need to resort to conspiracy theories, however tempting it may be to put corruption with a Qatari accent, the adventures of Morocco and the hobbies of Úrsula von der Leyen in the same bag; there is something evident whose formulation in the form of a question is appropriate.

What obscure reason causes Europe to look the other way, with sporadic pinches of a nun, when the only Western president poisoned by the triple disease of authoritarianism, populism and nationalism germinates under its nose, who also spends other people’s money like a junkie? of waste?

Jack the Ripper teaches us medicine