Jamie Lee Curtis: “I never watch the gore parts of my movies!”

Jamie Lee Curtis, after leaving her firm next to the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. / Afp

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Laurie Strode for the last time in ‘Halloween: The End’, which hits theaters this weekend

Iker Cortes

He receives with British punctuality, a wide smile and in house slippers. They are the ones that she has given him at the Rosewood Villamagna Hotel in Madrid, where she has been giving interviews all morning on the occasion of ‘Halloween: The End’, which lands on the billboard this Friday. Jamie Lee Curtis (Santa Monica, California, 63 years old) does not cut a hair. Before sitting down to talk with us, he has already told other media that he is terrified to see “how fascism is resurging, especially in Italy” – the interview took place on September 28 – or what is happening in Iran, “where the women’s rights are in doubt. At the end of that, he says he goes ‘Halloween: The end’, that “we can all become monsters.”

Close and very funny, throughout this relaxed six-person talk, the queen of screaming will take off her shoes and gradually get more comfortable, until she ends up sitting on her calves. She, too, won’t hesitate to yell a couple of times ‘I know, don’t worry!’ with the tone of a teenager being pressured by her parents. And it is that although the conversation has a limit of 25 minutes, she has promised that everyone present will be able to ask at least two questions. It’s time to decide which side to start the round: “Rock, paper or scissors!” Curtis exclaims. Thus begins a conversation in which the interpreter unravels some of the keys to the saga that saw her born as an actress -she has played Laurie Strode seven times- and invented, with her first installment in 1978 and by the hand of master John Carpenter , the ‘slasher’, a subgenre of horror movies in which a psychopath brutally murders adolescents and young people.

Four years have passed since the end of ‘Halloween: Kills’ and paranoia has settled in Haddonfield, the fictional city in which the saga takes place, because although he has not been seen again, the neighbors know that Michael Myers is still alive . Installed in the town, along with her granddaughter Allyson, Laurie now works on her memoirs. Things take a turn for the worse when an issue from the past again disturbs the tense calm in which the town lives, forcing Laurie to confront evil. Will she be her for the last time?

Above, Michael Myers, played by James Jude Courtney; below, Jamie Lee Curtis, in the role of Laurie, today and in the 1978 film.

It is the perfect excuse to talk about toxic relationships, the fears that are inherited and the pain that society causes its victims. Curtis, executive producer of the film together with Carpenter, gives all the credit to David Gordon Green, head of this latest trilogy that began in 2018. “Two years before #MeToo I had already written a film that talked about these issues”, explains the actress, who only knew she was immersed in a trilogy when the first film was in the editing room. “He told me then that he was going to bring back other characters from the saga, and that in the second he would talk about mass violence, something that connects with the union and protest movements around the death of George Floyd,” he says. Curtis, but also with the mob that stormed the Capitol in January 2021. «In the third -he continues- the idea was that we can all become monsters and that what we do to the victims is obscene. In twenty years we will consider David a genius.

Twelve feature films already have behind them a saga as imitated as it is incombustible. What is the secret? “It’s very old school, good versus evil. They are eternal stories », she sentences. Curtis says that when Carpenter and Debra Hill were commissioned to do this story about a psychopath who killed babysitters, “they weren’t told to make a movie about absolute good and absolute evil.” In his opinion, “it was crucial” that they took Captain Kirk’s mask from ‘Star Trek’ and painted it white. “If you remember, in the film they call it ‘The shape’ (the form or the spectrum) because it is the essence of evil,” he says. In his opinion, there were more successes such as the fact that the plot took place in a simple American town or that it was carried out by three very different girls, one of them a virgin, the other more wild. “There you introduce the figure of evil, with that enigmatic face… Actually, it works because of how simple the story is,” she reflects.

“A strange part of this job”

She is on her way to being 64 years old, “as in a Beatles song”, but that has not prevented her from shining in intense action scenes and she is convinced that her participation in this trilogy has paved the way for other women of her fifth embody this type of role. Of course, the blood and her dismemberment still chokes him a little. “I don’t watch the gore parts of my movies!” she says between laughs. “It’s in the nature of ‘Halloween’ movies and it’s a weird part of this job,” she sums up. The final stretch of this latest installment exudes that “strange part” that the actress talks about, but she considers that it is far from being cathartic. “It is not a happy ending, there are no celebrations, nobody dances like when a player makes a touchdown in American football. He makes me cry if I think about it and it makes me sad, but it’s the appropriate ending. It is inevitable that it would end like this, otherwise the message of the film would be different.

Owner of her career, Curtis affirms that she has fought “very hard” to get to where she is in Hollywood. “I am proud to say that today I exist strongly and have my own voice and my own point of view. It took me a while to find it and work on it, but I have it and it’s very strong », says she, who is now working on ‘Mother Nature’, her first feature film as a director, together with the producer Blumhouse. It is a horror story with a strong environmental message and based on a graphic novel that she herself has co-written with Russell Goldman, and which will be published next year, before the film begins shooting, predictably in the summer of 2023. «It is a story that has been in my head since I was very young. I started writing the script when I came back from shooting ‘Halloween’ (2018). The experience with David was so much fun that I got my mojo back,” she notes.


The movie trailer.

Curtis says that Carpenter, who is also responsible for the music for this new trilogy, really liked the film. “He sent me a lovely email where he told me that he loved my performance and how this story ends. We have a wonderful relationship, although it is true that I am not a fan of his scary movies », he says.

When he looks back and sees the twenty-year-old who starred in ‘Halloween’, he doesn’t recognize himself. “I don’t feel myself, I don’t feel that connection, I see it as an archaeologist, as if the thing wasn’t with me and I say ‘wow’”, she expresses. Curiously, in a screening that took place in Madrid of several scenes of the new film, a young man approached her and asked her why she appeared so older on the tape if she is actually younger. “It’s just that she’s actually not me,” she says, pointing to herself. «Now I wear a lot of makeup, they have left my hair very beautiful and yes, I bought this suit, but there is someone who told me to wear it today. Because today I am here as Jamie, but in real life Jamie does not wear makeup and goes every day with a T-shirt, black pants and Birkenstocks Who appears in the film is who I really am! », She explains amused.

Curtis, promoting the film in Madrid. /

Sergio Martinez

The talk ends but before we leave the room she picks up some heels and threatens, “And remember this, I was wearing these sky-high heels, along with a beautiful outfit. You didn’t see me in slippers. If you put the thing about the shoes, I will find you and I will give you a punch ».

Jamie Lee Curtis: “I never watch the gore parts of my movies!”