John Kaztenbach: his 10 best books.

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John Katzenbach is a successful American mystery thriller writer.. The author believes that we all carry a psychopath within us, only that few of us give free rein to the dark thoughts that go through our heads. That is the difference between a true psychopath and the average citizen. This would be the premise that Katzenbach uses to write his famous stories; some of them have been adapted to the cinema and Katzenbach has participated as a screenwriter.

He has been writing for forty years and says he has no intention of quitting. Specialist in black and police novels, she has many works on the genre, novels that are a success for fans of suspense and whose publication in Spanish has been in charge of most of B editionsseal of Penguin Random House.

The writer born in Princeton (New Jersey) is known for his saga of The psychoanalyst Y Check the psychoanalyst. At this moment he is preparing the third book of this story that has sold millions of copies all over the world. If you are a fan of the genre and you still do not know Katzenbach, here we leave you the 10 best books of his.

Top 10 John Katzenbach Books

The psychoanalyst

The psychoanalyst (Analyst) is a psychological thriller from 2002 that currently has a sequel, Check the killer. It is a puzzle or riddle type revenge story. The protagonist is a psychoanalyst named Frederick Starks who is subdued by a mysterious criminal mind that challenges him in a macabre game..

Dr. Starks must hurry up and use all his cunning and intelligence to find out the identity of the one who is threatening him. He only has 15 days or one by one all his loved ones will fall. Although he can always… commit suicide. This novel was the one that put Katzenbach in the spotlight of fame. A novel full of intrigue and with an interesting patient-doctor game.

Check the psychoanalyst

Check the psychoanalyst (Analyst II2018) is the second part of The psychoanalyst. Pick up the story five years later. Many things have changed since then, Dr. Starks has tried to keep his life afloat, but there are edges of his personality in which he still finds it hard to recognize himself. He has discovered the darkness that the human being can reach when he is pushed to the limit.

Installed in his office in Florida, he continues his work as a therapist until one day he meets a new patient, the person who almost destroyed his life, Rumplestilskin. To the doctor’s surprise, he has come back to ask for help, and, of course, he will not accept any refusal. It is a story full of twists and turns that keeps the reader interested throughout the book and overflows with intrigue and also a lot of darkness..

the psycho club

Katzenbach has a fascination with psychopathy and in the psycho club have the opportunity to develop the story of a group of unbalanced people who meet through the impenetrable and dangerous Deep Web. There they share a chat where they talk about their desire to become great architects of murder.

They are the jack boys (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta and Easy), because they are admirers of the famous jack the ripper. This dark premise with the Deep Web background turns into a fatal chase where only one thing matters: surviving. This is the author’s most recent work (2021).

in the heat of summer

His first book (1982). It was adapted to the big screen with the title call a reporter (The Mean Season) in 1985, with Kurt Russell as the lead.

The novel tells the beginnings of a murderer who takes the voice of a journalist as the loudspeaker for his crimes. His murders will become serial and the reporter will become more and more involved in the chilling crimes of a psychopath who seeks the recognition of his work. The society of warm Florida will follow the stories with fascination and the relationship between the murderer and the journalist will become pathological. A disturbing book that shows the sordid interest of the population for the news of events.

Hart’s War

This 1999 book was also made into a movie in 2002 (Hart’s War). Bruce Willis and Colin Farrell appear in the leading roles.

Katzenbach surprises with this story that is a little different from what his audience is used to. It has a suspenseful plot, but set in World War II. The main character is called Tommy Hart and he is a soldier who has fallen into a German prison camp. After spending his time studying law, Tommy must put his expertise to the test and defend his black partner, Lincoln Scott, accused of murdering a distinguished officer also known for his racial harassment.

Final judgment

Made into a film with the title Just cause (Just Cause) in 1995the publication of the novel is located in 1992. The film stars Sean Connery.

This story is very reminiscent of Katzenbach’s early days as a journalist involved in criminal cases in American courts. The protagonist is a famous journalist, Matthew Cowart, who is asked for help by a prisoner sentenced to death., assuring him of his innocence. Cowart will bring out the truth. But the story will not end here. Cowart will have unknowingly started another terrible story that will immerse the reader in a vibrant read.

brain teasers

There’s a movie in post-production on this book, and it’s starring none other than Bryan Cranston and Emma Watson. The novel was published in 1997.

brain teasers (State of Mind) brings up the futuristic possibility that a 51st state could be created in the United States, the Western Territory, a region where some freedoms have been removed in favor of greater security. They are happening therenevertheless, a horde of crimes and the Clayton brothers can help unmask whoever is behind these murders.

The story of the crazy

Published in 2004, The story of the crazy (The Madman’s Tale) delves into the complex mind of a mentally ill man, Francis. This man was admitted to a psychiatric hospital by his family. Years later the WS Hospital is closed and Francis tries to make a moderately balanced life out of it. But the memories of his life there will haunt him and expose the real reason for the closure of the institution. Murders, enigmas and horrific events star in this highly successful thriller for Katzenbach.

The shadow

In The shadow (The Shadow Man) we go back to Nazi Germany during the war years. In 1943 someone seems to be helping the Gestapo to find Jews and fill the death camps. they call it the shadow, Der Schattenmannand it seems that he is a Jewish informer traitor to his people. In a macabre game we discover that someone is killing the survivors of the Holocaust in Miami. Sophie, before being murdered, will sound the alarm, because 50 years later she will believe she has seen the shadow again. Simon Winter, a former retired agent, will be in charge of solving the mystery. This novel was published in 1995.

The teacher

The teacher (What Comes Next) hits bookstores in 2010. It tells the story of the kidnapping of a wayward teenager and the only person able to help solve the case., AdrianThomas. This is a disillusioned old professor, condemned to a degenerative disease who will have to decide between committing suicide or helping the young woman and society once again. The girl has been kidnapped by two depraved. And considering that Adrian has witnessed the kidnapping and that he has taught his entire life about the processes of the mind, you will be able to contribute to some investigations that will lead you down the shady path of online pornography.

Some notes about the author

John Katzenbach was born in 1950 in New Jersey.. Although he is a writer and has also participated in film scripts, his journalistic work occupied a part of his life. For a time he was working in different prestigious media covering the most varied news. Nevertheless, He got very close to court and criminal cases where he learned first-hand about sordid stories related to crimes and events. After leaving newspapers he turned to writing and his first job was in the heat of summerwhich was released in 1982.

He is the son of former United States Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach and his mother is a psychoanalyst. He is married and currently lives in Massachusetts where he continues to work. His thrillers enjoy great success inside and outside the United States; being especially famous also in Latin America.

John Kaztenbach: his 10 best books.