Justice seized Pachelo’s cell phone after opening an Instagram to give his version of the García Belsunce case

The Oral Criminal Court 4 ordered to seize the cell phone of Nicolás Pacheloaccused of murdering María Marta García Belsunce, after a profile was created on social networks and from prison, prosecutors maintain, confuses society and wants to dominate judgment.

“He became a YouTuber and an influencer” that “confuses society and wants to dominate judgment”accused the prosecutor Patricio Ferrari this Wednesday, August 17, when the debate resumed.

It happens that Pachelo in recent days has created profiles in youtube, instagram and other networks for “telling the truth” in the case for the murder of María Marta García Belsunce in 2002for which he is being tried for “robbery” and “aggravated homicide”, along with former guards Norberto Glennon and José Ortiz.

“I am innocent”: Nicolás Pachelo opened an Instagram to give his version of the García Belsunce case

In this regard, the prosecution maintained that with his statements – both in a video published on the networks and in recent interviews – he is wanting to condition the witnesses who are going to testify at trial.

The seizure request had been made by the prosecution, which also demanded that the content be verified. The prosecution said see “With concern the handling and mismanagement of Pachelo both inside the trial and outside, and that has produced a control of the situation.”

These are the publications uploaded by the defendant for the crime of María Marta García Belsunce.

“It’s the profile of a psychopath”, sentenced the prosecutors, who referred to a protocol of the Ministry of Justice on the use of social networks by detainees, as is the case of Pachelo, who is in preventive detention.

Pachelo said that he did not make the publications but that his family did. In addition, when the Court informed him that they were going to seize his cell phone, the now accused said that he did not have it with him.

“It is the voice of someone who wants to explain his innocence and does not want to condition witnesses,” said his lawyer Raquel Pérez Iglesias when answering the prosecution.

García Belsunce case: the prosecution said where Pachelo threw the weapon and they will summon the sister of the deceased prisoner

What Nicolás Pachelo published on his social networks

With the aim of abandoning the strategy that accompanied him for almost 20 years, the former neighbor of the country El Carmel de Pilar abandoned silence and chose to raise his profile, as he has been doing in the hearings of the current trial. “I AM INNOCENT”, was the text that accompanied his first publication on his Instagram, @ nicolas.pachelo, which he accompanied with a selfie.

Nicolás Pachelo created an Instagram account 202200816
Prosecutors in the case said they want to “condition” the witnesses who will testify.

On the other hand, Pachelo, who has been serving a sentence since 2018 for a series of robberies committed in private neighborhoods, also left some messages in the stories of that social network: “By this means I am going to share chronologically -my truth-. The other version that no one heard until now,” he wrote.

In the first video on YoutubePachelo pointed hard against the prosecutors Patricio Ferrari, Andres Quintana Y Federico Gonzalezby the prosecution, in a 9.27-minute video.

Nicolás Pachelo created an Instagram account 202200816
Pachelo’s posts on the Instagram account he created to tell his version.

They’re trying to put a bow on this causetrying to convict an innocent person to amend the 20 years of legal paperwork, from 2002 to 2022,” he said.

“Today I am sitting without any evidence in the dock“, he complained. Next, he listed the DNA traces male and one female that were found at the crime scene. “Twice they came back negative” when she compared them to hers, she said.

“I have the need to explain to people the barbarity that is being done. We cannot continue allowing the Judiciary and prosecutors charge people gratuitously“He added in another section of the recording.


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Justice seized Pachelo’s cell phone after opening an Instagram to give his version of the García Belsunce case