Karla Panini attacks Karla Luna’s son: she called him a “clown”

Karla Panini again in the eye of the stormwell lashed out against Ruben Moonthe eldest son the deceased carla moonafter celebration of one of his stepdaughters of the driver.

Well Karla Panini Through her Instagram account, she shared a photograph of Sara’s birthday party, one of the daughters that Karla Luna had with Américo Garza, current husband of the driver, to wish her good wishes for her birthday, along with « new” family, as he commented:

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“Happy Birthday Sarah! We love you very much and we want you to be very happy, that you fulfill your dreams and your goals. You will always have your family to support you!! Thank you God for this beautiful family!”

To which, before the comment he made to accompany the photo, Karla Luna’s eldest son -Rubén Rodríguez Luna- did not think so.

And not so much for the celebration, because he referred as a result of the comments that arose from the photo, that both he and his family have not had the opportunity to live with the girls and all because Américo like Panini, have not respected the dictated coexistence.

Being so, after the above, Panini was bothered, and he made it known in the comments, since he mentioned that they have had thousands of opportunities to be able to live with the girls, but they have preferred “to continue doing media shows, gossip and scandals in social networks to spend time with them.

Therefore, he only asked her not to be like that with her, because they were not the means to solve things, through a forceful message:

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«Things in front or by phone! Your whole family has our contacts! Aaah but no! It’s better, on networks because you and your ridiculous family get financial benefit, they’ve always done it that way, stop fooling people with your face and your “victim” pose that no one believes you anymore!

Get to pulling Boy!

That in your mother’s life you only gave her problems, no pride, neither you nor your psychopathic sister, they only took money from her and they all continue to do so.

If the young man is such a “little man”, look for my husband and stop bickering on social media, I repeat!! Find my husband! That he is the one who has all the authority, and the law is and has been on his side.

Stop deceiving people, they are a “united and exemplary family” they make me laugh a lot and everyone we know well. […] Don’t change things yourself! Neither you!

Why don’t you tell people that you and your family wanted the same economic agreement to be able to “let” Américo see his daughters!

Did your mom just die??? Why don’t they tell people that from the beginning MY HUSBAND was looking for them to do things right!!!

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Aaaah noooo! The holy and “exemplary” family prefers to make media circuses because they don’t know how to work!! Because the only one who worked was your mom.

And he kept all of you! A thousand times she complained about it, not only with me.

Clown, they poison the girls.”


Karla Panini attacks Karla Luna’s son: she called him a “clown”