Karla Panini responds to the accusations of Rubén, son of Karla Luna

MEXICO CITY, August 19 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Karla Panini She is not going to be silent anymore, she assures that she did it for a long time when the family of the deceased carla moon talked about her or about her children, but now, she answered Ruben Rodriguez Lunason of the deceased Moon and who alleges that he has not been able to see his sisters because Americo Garza Y panini Do not allow.

When he died carla moonhis two daughters, Nina and Sara, stayed with their father americowho was her husband and later was romantically related to her friend and stage partner, the “washerwoman” Karla Panini

Stephany and Reuben are the other two eldest sons of carla moon, who live apart with the family of the deceased actress; recently, Reuben commented on a photograph panini He shared on his networks in which his sister Sara appeared, who recently celebrated her birthday.

In that comment, Reuben refers to that panini yes, he has poisoned his sisters and complains because according to his version, it is his fault that he has not been able to see them.

“If you say this here, it is certain that my sisters live believing the same story, it is that you say, ‘if we do not see them it is for something’, it is true and that something is not for lack of desire, it is not the opinion of the judge , nor the law, it is you who do not take my sisters to the gatherings that are already dictated. Here are only your words, but not your deeds. Tomorrow my aunt has physical coexistence also dictated by the judge, so that you have no doubt how much we want to see them and take them “said the young man.

panini He responded by calling him ridiculous and lazy, he assures that he and his family only seek to create controversy and thus continue to profit from the memory of carla moon; panini assured that in life, Moon complained to her about her son Reuben and the “psychopath” of his sister (Stehpany).

“Ridiculous, fight, tell me things face to face or over the phone. Your whole family has our contacts, but it is not better in networks because you and your ridiculous family take economic advantage. Stop fooling people with your face and your victim pose and no one believes you. Start pulling, that in your mother’s life you only gave her problems, neither you nor your psychopathic sister a pride. She only got wool. Without such a little man the young man looks for my husband. Stop deceiving people who are a united and exemplary family, they make me and those who know them well laugh a lot… Oh no, the holy and exemplary family prefers to do media circuses because they don’t know how to work because the only one who worked was your mother . And she supported all of you. A thousand times he complained about that, not only with me. Clown!”, express.

–Panini is not silent

The discussion didn’t stop there. Karla Panini He shared some photographs of the moment in which Victoria and Sara attended to live with their maternal family but they were left standing.

Reuben; Do not tell lies. Coexistence with you is suspended by order of a judge, and at the request of the girls; not because americo or I say so. Here I leave you these photos as proof of a coexistence that I took them myself, to which you did NOT attend. So DO NOT say that we have never carried them or that what the law indicates is not complied with on this side. If your wish is to continue litigating on social networks and in the supreme court of Facebook, we follow you. We have no problem”.

panini he reiterated to Reuben that if you really want to see your sisters, contact your husband americo to reach reasonable agreements.

“Again, I invite you to pick up your phone and stop paying attention to your “brilliant” aunt and your sister and their ideas, so that you talk to my husband and reach reasonable and thoughtful agreements; if it really is your interest to see the girls, and not to make a series “.

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Karla Panini responds to the accusations of Rubén, son of Karla Luna