Karmele Marchante at war against ‘Save me’ after calling it a “pigsty” in her memoirs

Penguin Libros has just launched ‘No me callo’, the memoirs of the journalist Karmele Marchante. The ex of ‘Tómbola’ and ‘Sálvame’ remembers at the age of 76 that she worked in ‘Informe Semanal’ and she met Santiago Carrillo, Pasionaria, Mario Benedetti or Simone de Beauvoir, and admits that she was wrong to dive into the press pink.

Karmele Marchante He looks back to dust off his memories. The 76-year-old journalist recalls in ‘No me callo’ (Penguin Libros) the problems she had with her father or the incidents she has suffered for being a feminist or independentista.

The ex of ‘Tómbola’ and ‘Sálvame’ admits that he was wrong to dive into the tabloids, but in this case he avoids qualifying his former colleagues from the Telecinco program, as he did on previous occasions.


Penguin Libros assures that “Karmele Marchante is a daughter, sister, activist, friend and companion. But, above all, she is passionate about her job and a tireless fighter”, as she demonstrated in the founding of the mythical magazine Ajoblanco o in his interviews on TVE’s ‘Informe Semanal’.

The journalist is upset that they remember her only for the role couched despite having interviewed the top staff of the FARC or having met Simone de Beauvoir, Santiago Carrillo, Passionflower either Mario Benedetti.


Marchante explained a few days ago at the Chain BE who regrets his pink phase: “I wanted the professional part that has been overshadowed by time to come out, due to the mistake I made while on some gossip programs. I greatly regret having entered gossip journalism”.


Karmele Marchante.

Regarding ‘Tómbola’, he recalls: “Al Bano threw me to the ground, Pocholo threw water at me. Everything happened live and people liked it. That was the birth of heart programs. I had a good time during the first years Afterwards, no. He arrived at the hotel crying every night. He was long-suffering and hard.”

He also had a very bad time in his teens with his father: “When we were older, we had an argument, I don’t remember what, but it must have been very strong because he took out a loaded gun and pointed it at me and said ‘I’m going to kill you’, and I told him ‘well, kill me’. It did more damage is that my mother was present and she did not intervene there at all”.

Or when she lost her Icelandic husband to the Bahai sect. “The sect took my husband, they tried to make me Bahai, but I told them no.” At least, she retains Icelandic nationality from the marriage: “If Vox comes, I’m going to Iceland,” she says.

Karmele laments the wars of feminism, but takes a position: “The trans law seems good to me, it is well done, I have read it and it seems very good to me. The trans people I know have it very difficult and I know they suffer, and I do not have why oppose the trans law”.

Gone are their sticks to ‘Save me’

In her memoirs, the journalist avoids qualifying her former colleagues as ‘Save me’. And it is that in the past she charged harshly against Jorge Javier Vázquez and Kiko Matamoros. “I have just been notified that the cocaine addict and thief from the Treasury is talking about me in that Telecinco garbage dump and the psychopathic dwarf has not stopped him. I have threatened them, as they mention singing to me,” she declared.

He said of Jorge Javier that he was “the lonely, psychopathic dwarf, sick with ego” and about ‘Save me’ he was not cut either: “The circus-pig of the sick, swindlers and corrupt surrogates. The inbred circus where girlfriends, boyfriends, ex-partners and lovers suck from the pot! And where the greasy dwarf reigns and everyone is forced to lick his ass! “.

“I am prohibited from talking about me in that garbage. I left without saying goodbye, working there was a dunghill of many paths. Drugs, mistreatment, bullying, misogyny… They are scoundrels, liars, encouraged by an unscrupulous leadership ” , he wrote on Twitter.

Karmele Marchante at war against ‘Save me’ after calling it a “pigsty” in her memoirs