Karmele Marchante, Jorge Javier’s enemy, publishes her memoirs: “Psychopath, sick with ego”

“It was a dunghill: drugs, mistreatment, bullying, misogyny. They are scoundrels, liars, goaded on by an unscrupulous leadership,” he wrote on Twitter. Karmele Marchante to give his definition of Save me, the show he worked on for years.

Now he is launching his memoirs with Penguin Libros, the same publisher of Sparethe controversial memoirs of prince harry, and it does so under the title of I don’t shut up in reference to the iconic phrase with which the journalist Jesús Mariñas yelled at him in tombola ‘Shut up Karmele!’, to shut his mouth. The title could have also served the son of King Carlos III and Lady Di.

if the husband of Meghan Markle has dynamited the British royal family, the journalist Karmele Marchante it could have wrecked the show. He admits that she was wrong to redirect his career path towards the tabloids after working on Weekly report, participate in the foundation of the magazine White garlic, move with characters like Santiago Carrillo, Passionflower, Simone de Beauvoir, or have interviewed the top staff of the FARC. “I very much regret having entered heart journalism,” he acknowledged days ago in the To be.

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Upon tombola remember that “it was the birth of the programs of the heart”. “The first years, I had a good time. Afterwards, no. I came to the hotel crying every night. I was long-suffering and hard,” she recalls.

His father pointed a loaded gun at him

Karmele opens up in her memoirs to her family dramas. She says that she had a bad time with her father when she was a teenager: “He took out a loaded gun and pointed it at me and said: ‘I’m going to kill you,’ and I replied: ‘Well, kill me.’ What hurt me the most is that my mother was present and did not intervene there at all,” says the journalist. She also reveals the episode of her marriage to her Icelandic husband, which he lost to the Bahai sect. “The sect took my husband, they tried to make me Bahai, but I told them no.” Thanks to that marriage, she keeps the Icelandic nationality.

The journalist went after her departure from Save me one of the declared enemies of the program. She especially charged against Jorge Javier Vazquez, whom he referred to as “the lonely, greasy, psychopathic, ego-sick dwarf who everyone is forced to lick his ass”.

He defined the program as “the circus-pig of the sick, scammers and corrupt surrogates”, in reference to the paternity rights obtained outside of Spain by surrogate motherhood of some of the people from La Fábrica de la tele, the producer of the Program. “I have forbidden in that garbage that they talk about me. I left without saying goodbye,” he came to declare.

Karmele Marchante, Jorge Javier’s enemy, publishes her memoirs: “Psychopath, sick with ego”