La Huerfana: El Origen, a wilder and more unexpected sequel than the original

Making a prequel is never easy. Especially when we consider that the original film already tells us the outcome of the character and there is little that can be added when we know the plot twist and more surprises from the beginning.

However, this can also take a load off your shoulders and give you more freedom. That’s exactly what happens with The Orphan: The Origin, the sequel to the 2009 horror film, which follows from all logic for a trip completely wild and more surprising than the original.

The Wild Journey of La Huerfana: The Origin

After 13 years, Esther is finally back in The Orphan: The Origin, a prequel that takes place years before the events of the original film. Something curious if we consider that its protagonist, Isabelle Fuhrman is already 25 years old and returns to play a girl.

But seeing it, one thing is clear among so much confusion: There is no one else who could play a character like Esther. If in the first part the character was already an enigma for everyone, this prequel takes her to the maximum power in which becomes Fuhrman’s hour and a half show.

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The Orphan: The Origin, tells the story of how Leena Klammer, a woman with a strange disease that makes her look like a girl, arrives in the United Statess and pretends to be Esther, a young woman lost years ago. Thus, she must pretend to be the girl, while she tries hide his true identity.

In the original movie, we don’t know Esther’s true identity until the end. This plot twist is the great defense of the first film and you would think that there is no way this prequel could hold interest. if we already know this twist.

The Orphan: The Origin

Mistake. The Orphan: The Origin take advantage of the fact that we already know this to take everything to the limit of the absurdwhere Esther is almost a femme fatale who you can’t help but end up rooting for as you watch the crimes he commits over and over again.

The prequel releases the pressure of its original by throwing all logic out the window and get closer to black comedy. The absurdity of this story is recognized and exaggerated, provoking more than one laugh in a story that plays with exploitation cinema.

The Orphan: The Origin

One wonders if a prequel was necessary, answer that is probably negative. However, it is greatly appreciated. And it is that a director who does not take too much in series is appreciated and I recognize how crazy his story is, taking advantage of it to get everything out of control.

Make no mistake, it is far from a masterpiece. Fuhrmann she clearly doesn’t look like a girl anymore, the editing is questionable at minutes and the story can be too convenient. But the best way to enjoy it is to see it for what it is: A chaotic black comedy ride about a wild psychopath.

Orphan: First Kill
Orphan: First Kill

And it is that, after 13 years, Isabelle Fuhrman returns with the role of her life, fitting like a favorite glove. Something that is only made better by the incredible interaction with Julia Stiles, who has an epic character to play with.

Though we already know the original plot twist, We promise you there are still surprises. Just when you think it’s just going to be a copy of the original, The Orphan: The Origin surprises you with a twist that you will never expect and that yes, it surpasses that of the first film.

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La Huerfana: El Origen, a wilder and more unexpected sequel than the original