La Huérfana is inspired by real events: the horror story that inspired the film

Barbora Skrlová surprised the world with her perfect crimes, posing as a cute girl.

If malice had an end, without a doubt, Barbora Skrlova he would have crossed them all, with his tender face and its braids matchless with their colorful outfits that no longer deceive to anyone, but he did it for a long time.

History would have been different if ‘Anika’, as it was called from the beginning it is fearsome psychopath that as a child she had little and as a perverse a lot, she would not have caused so much damage, perhaps one of the most terrifying movies of all time would not even have existed.

This woman with 33 years was in charge of disseminating terror throughout the community of Czechoslovakia, and showed that the evil sometimes he hides in less unexpected places and from people you least suspect, by posing as a girl. Today his face is full of cruelty.

Who is Barbora Skrlová?

He was born in the 70s in the Republic of Czechoslovakia. His mental disorders were seen from his childhood and adolescence. His life family and his crimes turn out to be a mystery to millions of people who have followed his trail.

The first thing he was diagnosed with was hypopituitarismthis condition that harmed the hypophysiswas the reason that Skrlova pretended to be one 13 year old girl to manipulate any person; that was the best facade of him to commit his perfect crimes.

behind that cute girl face Y warmthey hid all their dark secrets that no one can imagine: multiple identity disorder along with traits psychopathic, schizophrenic Y violent, they were her most perfect mix to bring out her full potential in torture and be a real cannibal.

It was only a matter of time before barbora came to show his True identity.

converted their weaknesses in their elders weapons, against those who wanted to stop her to avoid the murderers. When he started to get to the adolescence it was already a whole expert in the art of deceive, manipulateand was beginning to leave countless victims.

Very little is known about these cases, until she got a new family that would be her victim and that is the one with whom her malicious behavior was discovered.

a new family

barbora he took out all his talent, for this occasion to deceive, the sisters Klara and Katherina Mauerova who fell into his trap, his nickname (“The orphan”) took advantage of these two women since they had mental problemsshowed up as a girl helpless and unprotectedthey became, their new victims, and at least their new allies.

Klarawho had been divorced and was studying pedagogy at university, had no problem moving in with “The orphan” to his house with his children and his other sister kurim,

Did the Kurin sisters and Klara become victims or allies?

Despite the years, the family began to live experiences and anecdotes, those who saw them on the street, always came to the same conclusion: they are a truly happy family, barbora for the first time in a long time he would let go of his true psychopath instincts.

The captivating, tender girl thought that it would be best to involve the Mauerova sisters, still Grail Movementa new sect that would lead them straight to the path of perditionon that road he was going to find himself, promiscuity, cannibalism, and incestit was the teachings that explained in the group his name was ‘In the Light of Truth: Message from the Grail’ by Abd-ru-shin.

they did strange sacrifices Y sex rituals, Klara Y Catherine They complied with the orders I gave them.The doctor’ who for that time was the leader of the sect.

The real nightmare began when, according to the English newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, barbora began to feel an unmatched jealousy for his adoptive brothers Jakub and Ondrej of 10 Y Eight yearsalways blamed them, for all the pranks, so that their adoptive mother scolded them strongly.

‘The doctor’ convinced the sisters to put the children in a cage, and they were subjected to all kinds of aberrations, naked, without food, lived in captivity for a time that seemed like an eternity. They bathed them with frozen waterthey placed cigarettes in the bodyand on many occasions they tried to tear off their skin to eat them alive.

in the house of Mauerova that apparently everything was very calm on the outside, but inside the worst hell was lived, where they were witnesses, Barbora, ‘The Doctor’ and the two sisters who were directly involved, a kind-hearted family with a baby monitor stood in their way.

The fateful discovery.

The policemen of Czecholovakia they could not believe, everything that had happened in that house, and they did not believe what their eyes were seeing at that moment, found three children one of them was faintthe other in a sorry state and the last in a sea of ​​tears in a cage cornerit was hardly visible to the people who dared to peek, they did not see anything clear.

the scene was terrifying, the family neighbor had achieved access the security system of the Mauerova sistershad described that it was atrocious, nothing could compare and less see it live and direct, all that plan made by someone perverse.

When the three children they arrived at the hospital they did not reach survive that heinous crimeone of the children and had died on the stretcher, the other did not get to see the speed of the authorities, barbora She was not captured by the authorities, since she escaped to the country of Norway to look for new victims.

‘The orphan’ not only change country, also sex and name changeas she had always done, she deceived a family that made the decision to adopt her, take care of her, give her love and send her to one of the most recognized schools.

The Argentine newspaper Clarín gave some statements “His strange behavior at school caught the attention of the teachers. Extremely intelligent of hers, her introverted nature and her refusal to play group sports gave her away and made the teachers try to investigate her history”

Even the most brilliant criminals get justice and good, and barbora has no exception, in January 2008 was captured in northern norwaythey emit a international captureby multifacetedthere would no longer be a place in the world where he could continue to hide.

In the 2009, Klara was sentenced to 12 years in prison as the perpetrator of all the crimes with her sister Catherine who obtained a sentence of 10 years in jail. Since then, no trace of what was the recognized life of the girl in the movie has been known. ‘The orphan’ whose history managed to cross all kinds of borders, reach Hollywood and inspire a movie.

La Huérfana is inspired by real events: the horror story that inspired the film