Large families: this is what becomes of the Gomez family who had marked the program so much

Be part of these Large familiesit’s a privilege. Also, after this sensational start, we explain the why and how.

Large families, what has become of them?

On the set of TPMPAmandine Pellissard wishes to justify her participation in Large families. Since she came to the cast, she does not hesitate to highlight behind the scenes of her existence. As for her children, they are no longer afraid of the cameras at all. Often more comfortable than an adult, one of his daughters is there to testify. It is obvious, she does not disassemble in the face of the chroniclers of Cyril Hanouna. Also presents social networks for product placement, Alexandre’s wife tries to defend herself from criticism from haters. Alas, a few weeks later, she claims to be the victim of harassment. This will not prevent him from continuing to make the rain and the beauty in the program. But is this really the case for all these tribes not like the others? In the case of the Gomezes, everything started well… but it got out of hand quickly. Without further ado, Objeko explains the reasons for their absence!

And here is the drama !

During the filming of Large families, the Gomez make a drastic decision. Tired of the gloom of Parisian life, they pack their bags in the direction of Lozère. On the spot, they estimate that they will have more surface area as well as more financial means to meet the needs of their children. And it is not the Jean Zephirins who will be able to deny this evidence. Crammed into a small apartment, mum and dad sleep in the living room while the elders share a bedroom. And for you dear readerObjeko, which solution is the best? Still, after the move, Florian will set up a settlement worthy of a military barracks. Ouch, finally, in the capital it was borderline less stressful!

This sequence of Large Families forever engraved!

One Sunday, he ends up showing his true face. After getting up at dawn, he deprives them of breakfast. To say it’s the most important meal of the day is an understatement. Also, to get a piece of bread and some butter on it, they’re going to have to prove themselves in a course that strangely resembles Koh Lanta. Faced with this colorful sequence, needless to say that Internet users were hallucinating. Certainly, this is reminiscent of the attitude of the presenter of the survival game with his daughters. However, is it really worth doing tons in front of the camera? When it comes to education, no one is perfect. Parents learn as they go, sometimes along with their gifts from heaven. Following the social media outcry, the tribe prefers to take serious distances with Large families. Do you miss him? Tell us and we’ll pass the message on to those concerned…

Large families: this is what becomes of the Gomez family who had marked the program so much