Latching holidays for 9 months in a villa with swimming pool: unexpected couple hunting

Serial scammers: this would be husband and wife with Canadian passport protagonists of long latching holidays in Puglia. The last case in the splendid Casa Lavanda, in Ceglie Messapica, from where they suddenly fled after living nine months paying only the first two months. The owner of the structure, Antonella Tixi, filed a complaint with the carabinieri and the public prosecutor’s office and got in touch with the owners of other structures that would have been scammed by the same couple, he who presents himself as a finance expert, she is a champion of Pole dance, with a teenage daughter sent to a private school (even here it seems without paying the tuition), a series of cats and dogs.
To tell what happened, Antonella Tixi published a long post on Facebook, also to warn any future victims of the couple of scammers.

“I rented my vacation rental from September 2021 to May 2022 to a Canadian couple with a lovely baby,” he writes. “Their stay, born under the best auspices, has turned into a hallucinating nightmare for me. I try to keep it short and get to the point: after months of anguish and various disasters caused by them and their dogs (I had obviously allowed the presence of furry ones, which they were unable to manage and caused tragedies) the gentlemen literally ran away leaving a huge debt for unpaid rents and unpaid expenses.
I am Canadian (he Canadian / English, she Canadian / Croatian) and I will never forgive myself for not asking for more guarantees because of that passport which seemed to be a guarantee of civility. I have it to death with myself: if they were Algerians or Tunisians, would I have asked for more information? Maybe yes, and I have to come to terms with my conscience, which I thought was totally free of prevention and stereotypes. Having said that, when they disappeared declaring in a WA that they were back in Canada, I did not believe what they said and I turned into Lieutenant Colombo.
“I tracked them down, I filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor of Brindisi, tracked down other owners of houses they lived in before mine, where they left the same trail of debts, their daughter’s private school where they had never paid their tuition, damage caused and never compensated. Now they have escaped again, from the new house where they had moved from Ceglie, and we are at least four people cheated and frigated by the couple. Obviously they have again declared that they have returned to Canada.

“That’s not true, I’m sure they’re ready to cheat others again. Unfortunately, mother and daughter have stopped attending the Brindisi gym where they trained (she is a true champion of aerial gymnastics, the child even qualified for the world championships of the same specialty) and this time tracking them will be a titanic undertaking. He is a pure psychopath, evidently capable of organizing a criminal scheme that works (seven months in a house, payment of the first months, various excuses for delaying other payments, escape), who does not give his wife breath (4 hours of waiting in the car in front of the gym where they trained, and she has a driving license!), and above all a girl who does not attend school, who drops everything every seven months and does not have the right sociality, in short, a real abuser (not in sexual terms, I have no reason to think so) which forces a woman, perhaps an accomplice victim, but, above all, a child to a life of continuous flight. I cannot (legally) publish their names here, but I ask my friends from Puglia to contact me privately for more details.
“They must be stopped, they continue to commit crimes unpunished, and the story has most likely already begun in the Como area since 2019. And I won’t add anything else about the sense of frustration because hoping for a fair and legal solution to a scam suffered seems to be impossible, but they must also be stopped because (and I say this with sincerity) I have broken the bales of those who think that in Italy you can do your own thing without consequences. To anyone who reads me, in Puglia, please contact me. We can do it, karma somewhere awaits them. And above all, she is expecting a little girl who needs help ”.

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