Laura Borràs publishes on 25

The president of Juntas, Laura Borrashas published this November 25, the day for the elimination of violence against women, an eternal list of all the insults only in the last five months. The suspended president of Parliament has shared this list on Twitter, also coinciding with thea row in the Congress of Deputies after what Vox will insult Irene Montero, ensuring that the only merit of the minister has been “having thoroughly studied to Pablo Iglesias“, founder of Podemos and his partner. “The political violence we women who dedicate ourselves to public service suffer it every day. The best way to put an end to it is a coherent and perennial sorority because intermittent or interested solidarities also become, paradoxically, political violence”, Borràs wrote in a tweet, for later share all the string of insults he has received, almost seventy

“Stubborn delinquent, heartless, petty, fascist, corrupt, coup plotter, miserable renegade, scoundrel, declared criminal, psychopath, immoral, indecent, undesirable, miserable accused, cheeky daughter of a bitch, daughter of a bitch and thief, daughter of a bitch, vedette, diva, staunch independentista, arrogance, shameless, crude by nature, racist, supremacist, monster, egotistical, crazy, miserable, scum, sausage, residue, witch, geek, asp, lazi-choni, corrupt Nazi, independent Catalan bitch, manipulative, dirty, bastard, disloyal, sow, travelo, ugly, ugly, giant, horse, abject, liar, self-centered, posh, far-right, ignorant, “shorter than the sleeves of a vest”, Lady Selfies, Lady Trapis, Lady Trump Catalana, has the appeal of a rusty canteen full of fecal water, motomommy with anarcho-bourgeois genetics, Evita Perón del Xino. This is the complete list that Laura Borràs wanted to share.

Some insults that cannot be normalized

To end this string of denouncing the violence suffered by women in politics, day in and day out, often with messages to through social networks and anonymous, but also in person. “From a democratic health perspective we cannot normalize these attacks. Neither when they are 600 kilometers away, nor when they are km 0″, the suspended president of Parliament wrote, referring to the attack suffered by Irene Montero from the Congressional rostrum when a Vox deputy, Carla Toscano, in full debate on the law of the “only yes is yes”, he criticized Montero for having said that the judiciary is macho when “the only merit” of the minister is “having studied Pablo Iglesias in depth”.

Laura Borràs publishes on 25-N a list with all the insults she has received