Love Is Blind’s Andrew Liu Reacts To Season 3’s Eye Drops Scene

Putting reality into reality TV? Andrew Liu was overwhelmed with emotion after Nancy Rodriguez rejected his marriage proposal Love is blindleading to a particularly vulnerable confessional.

” You roll ? said the 30-year-old wildlife photographer during the fourth episode of Love is blind season 3, which dropped on Wednesday, October 19. “Oh wait. Be careful if I [put in eye drops]?”

After Andrew applied his medication, he went into detail about how he felt about being dumped. “It’s just too much. To be completely honest, I didn’t feel well,” he told producers grimly. “I guess I’m happy to have made the choice. Yeah, man, it hurts.

Andrew Liu


Andrew had popped the question to the 32-year-old speech therapist, although she ultimately turned it down in favor of her relationship with Bartise Bowden. (Nancy later accepted the 27-year-old’s proposal on their final date.)

“I never thought I could deal with someone who would make me cry,” Andrew admitted in his post-breakup confessional, applying a second set of eye drops and sniffling.

Love is blind viewers, however, weren’t sympathetic to the Texas resident’s vulnerable moment.

“Andrew with the eye drops for fake tears saying, totally rehearsed on camera, ‘I never thought I could deal with someone who made me cry’ omg pls help,” a social media user tweeted Wednesday.

Another one added: “Wait I’m so confused with Andrew and the eye drops…fake tears?? What a psychopath. [Nancy] dodged a bullet.

Andrew, for his part, weighed in on the viral social media moment, apparently applauding claims he was staged.

“I could have at least removed the button, guys,” the Netflix personality joked in an Instagram Story post on Friday, October 21, sharing the clip from the scene on the streaming platform.

Courtesy of Andrew Liu/Instagram

Andrew then reposted several fan reactions to the scene, including a Inconvenient Wildcards even which implied that Love is blind the producers let him use the eye drops to fake emotions, without telling him it would make the final edit. “I can neither confirm nor deny due to my contract,” Andrew replied. “What a pity.”

While the businessman continues to claim that his emotions were genuine, several Love is blind veterans have also questioned his motives.

“Nahhh this can’t be real,” Jarrette Jones – who parted ways with the Season 2 personality Iyanna McNeely earlier this year – responded via an Instagram comment.

Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjeefor his part, noted: “Watching this season last night [with my girlfriend, Emily Wilson] and… what did I do that was still so bad? »

The 33-year-old vet’s comment references his tumultuous journey in Season 2, in which he was called “nasty” for alleging he had no physical attraction to the former fiancée. Deepti Vempati. The couple eventually broke up in the finale, and the exes continued to argue over what was wrong.

Love is blind Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix with new episodes releasing on Wednesdays.

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