Man accused of running over a dog in La Concepción: “I am not a dog killer”

In Nicaragua, Law 747 lacks regulations, that is, no one can be prosecuted for animal abuse

Ángel Hernán Miranda assures that he was a victim of social networks when he was exposed as the driver of a truck that ran over some dogs on a street in La Concepción, Masaya, during the incident “Tonky” died.

For Tonky’s death on October 10, Ángel Hernán was digitally accused, however, he clarified to 100% Noticias that he was not driving the vehicle and that the threats against him and his family have not stopped.

“I felt bad about being accused by dog ​​killers because I have six dogs, I am in charge of their vaccinations, food and good treatment, so it surprises me that they accuse me when I defend animals,” he says.

Miranda is a pharmaceutical chemist by profession and specified that at the time of the incident he was at work. “It is a siege that is no longer turned by the dog… I was at work and I have proof,” he recounts.

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“This situation has been distorted in a demeaning way,” says the accused, who continues to receive hateful and threatening messages through social networks. “Unscrupulous people are journalists and people who volunteered to give information that they were not aware of,” he says.

At this point, Miranda stated that he felt offended and wanted to clean up his image because since his name and photograph were disclosed, he began to receive direct and digital attacks, although he was the last to know about the accident.

“I received a call from a friend who asked me what happened Angel? What did you do? ”, He told me that they were linking me to an accident in a video”, he recalls that such an accusation took him by surprise.

“I want to clear my name because I am working with humans and this is not well seen. At no time am I a psychopath or a cruel being, ”she insists.

Likewise, he pointed out that the effects were also emotional because he received inhuman treatment and denigrating accusations without evidence for an accident that he did not commit. “Vulgareos, despicable gestures, ironic questions, all that I felt with this digital harassment that I still have, even threats,” she said.

tonky’s death

According to the video released, Tonky was crushed by a truck driver whose face cannot be seen, but Rosa Acevedo, Ángel Hernán Miranda’s grandmother, is identified as co-pilot, and some users concluded that the grandson crushed Tonky. .

Tonky was one of the dogs of the La Concepción central park watchman who mourned the death of his four-legged friend.

Who protects the animals?

In Nicaragua There is Law 747, law for the protection and welfare of domestic animals and domesticated wild animals, however, this law lacks regulations. That is, no one can go to jail.

The regulation of Law 747, had to be presented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAGFOR), this ministry was restructured in 2012, the National Assembly repeated the process and the presentation of the regulation was pending until today.

Although some animal rights organizations insisted on submitting a regulation proposal, Law 747 remains a dead letter.

The case of Chingo an example of impunity

In May 2021, Henry José Urbina dealt several machetes to the dog affectionately called “Chingo” in the Los Vanegas community, on the road to Masaya.

“Every time he goes bolo he gets violent and today he mercilessly hit my dog ​​several times with a machete that almost killed him. We reported the case to the police so that justice is done and that they also be responsible for the expenses of the veterinarian, ”said the owner of the little animal.

Although Urbina was accused by his neighbors of attacking other animals when he was drunk, the police captured him for two days, then released him and the case was filed. He only promised to pay Chingo’s veterinary medical treatment in installments, who miraculously managed to survive.

The power of social networks

In recent years the country has experienced greater animal awareness, although it is a slow path, some say that little by little abuse has stopped normalizing and in part it is thanks to the disclosure of social networks as the only escape from a law without regulations. .

“Before, a puppy was macheted, raped or had hot water poured on it in a town and nobody said anything or people didn’t even notice, with the networks there is a greater impact because life is protected and now whoever mistreats a little animal is exposed because no one has the right to do so,” said Karina Soto, a volunteer rescuer.

Man accused of running over a dog in La Concepción: “I am not a dog killer”