Manu gets angry. “Do not scare people”, there will be current!!

You still need to know!

It is Manu who scares everyone with his stories of the 9th wave of Covid surging, of compulsory vaccinations, of “we are at war” at all times against viruses and the Russians; without even mentioning the “end of abundance” and also, as long as we are at it, “recklessness”. But other than that guys, don’t scare people.


If you scare people, you’re mean.

Power cuts: Emmanuel Macron denounces companies and ministers who “scare people with absurd scenarios”

Emmanuel Macron got angry on Tuesday December 6 against electricity suppliers and ministers who “scare people” with the possibility of power cuts this winter (source here).

“Stop all that! We are a great country, we have a great energy model, we will hold out this winter despite the war. And I ask everyone to do their job,” the president said as he arrived at an EU summit in Tirana, Albania.

“The role of the government, ministers, operators, is to do their job to provide energy, that’s all, he insisted. And then to call everyone to responsibility so that there is sobriety. It’s not to start scaring people with absurd scenarios and things like the ones I’ve been hearing for the past few hours.”

And yes.

The role of the chef is to cook.

And when there is a pandemic, the role of a minister of health is to provide masks and protective gowns. There was neither mask nor blouse, and no chief to cook. Only bosses to piss off and ban… the import of masks by private companies. The resale of masks was an offense as repressed as drug trafficking!

So Macron may rant, rail, huff, and stamp his feet, but God (like the people) laughs at men who lament the effects whose causes they cherish.

Macron has ruled by fear for more than 3 years and the end of the Yellow Vests crisis.

Macron leads by fear of the Covid.

Macron leads by fear of war in Ukraine, fear of climate, fear of fascism, fear of energy, fear of Russia, fear of everything.

Macron leads by successive fears.

And now we shouldn’t be afraid anymore?

Well, yeah. Yes, we should no longer be afraid, but stop being afraid of the one who is afraid.

We should be afraid of being led by bad counselor fear.

Never has anxiety been so strong in our country. Never.

It is Macron, who rules by fear, that we should be afraid of.

Charles SANNAT

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Manu gets angry. “Do not scare people”, there will be current!! – Insolentiae