María Zurita talks about homosexuality in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’

One more night, Maria Zurita has once again become a trend in social networks thanks to its participation in ‘Master Chef Celebrity’. the cousin of the king philip has managed to capture the attention of millions of viewers by speaking openly about homosexuality in the talent Culinary of Spanish Television. In a conversation with his partner Nico Abad during an outdoor test, he said: «I recently went to a cinema and they put: «This film contains scenes of homosexuality and such… And I put a tweet in which I said that It doesn’t matter what your son is, if he is homosexual, transsexual… Look at Daniela (Santiago), who has wonderful parents who adore her. She is an excellent type. most of my friends are gays and they are all absolutely wonderful. We are very modern for some things and very short for others «.

Zurita has highlighted that she has been lucky enough to be born in a home where the members are tolerant of each other’s sexual freedom: «At home, thank God, we have been educated with about 10 parents, who have supported us in all the decisions we have made. And if I had come home saying ‘this is my girlfriend’ they would have been so happy.

It was last June when María Zurita posted a comment on Twitter that gave a lot to talk about. «What a panic many have that their son turns out gay. If they had the same fear of being abused, rapist or psychopathic, the world would be a better place«. With these words, his tweet became viral in a matter of hours. Outraged, the translator and businesswoman lamented that this type of matter has to be “remembered every year.” And she asked: “Tolerance, please.”


Discreet about her family life, María Zurita has spent years keeping a low profile. However, after her participation in the contest of the state chain, she is not afraid to show herself as she is. Her classmates adore her. And it has been precisely the naturalness with which she appears before the cameras in ‘MasterChef’ that has made her put the audience in her pocket. Not surprisingly, she is already one of the public’s favorite contestants in this edition. And not only because of her good work: her humility and her companionship have made her worthy of the affection of the spectators.

This is how María Zurita spoke of her uncle, Don Juan Carlos: «He is a magical person»

A week ago, without going any further, he spoke quite naturally about his special relationship with his uncle, the king Don Juan Carlos. “When we were little, no one explained anything to us. I found out at school whose niece she was. She was just another guy«, narrated. The daughter of the infanta Margarita de Borbón and Carlos Zurita dedicated some very affectionate words to the king emeritus: “He is a magical person. For me he is magical, loving and generous. Whenever someone in the family has a problem, he helps. He is the head of the family in the end ».

What is María Zurita’s profession?

María Zurita is a translator and businesswoman. She is the owner of Zesauro Traducciones, dedicated to translation. The cousin of King Felipe VI speaks a total of six languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

María Zurita talks about homosexuality in ‘MasterChef Celebrity 7’