“Mariole. Faced with the delirious prices of electricity, Borne proposes to companies to postpone the payment of taxes and contributions”. Editorial by Charles SANNAT

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

Every day, every week, every month and every new year, those who preside over our sad destinies are each time even more stupid than the previous year.

We have an electricity price problem.

I think even the last jerk in the European Commission has understood this.

We have a problem not of electricity production, not of availability of electricity (at this stage) but just a problem of rules to fix the price.

Elisabeth Borne, a great polytechnician, must still know it too. I’m sure.

She is an intelligent lady, who even knows how to count and masters at least the 4 basic operations. Yes, yes, I’m sure.

To pay for electricity today, all you have to do is postpone the payment of taxes and charges…

And despite all this intelligence, despite all these strokes of genius of our great helmsman of Matignon, here she is who, to solve a problem of electricity prices, decides to shift social charges and taxes.

It’s true that me, from the top of my attic, I’m just an imbecile incapable of understanding big politics and I think that those who lead us are too “subtle”, too intelligent for me.

When I have a constipation problem for example, I take prunes.

Elisabeth Borne, she decides to prepare rice and bananas but to eat later.

So if I have a problem with the price of electricity, in the world that is mine and the logic that is that of my attic, my chickens and my cats, we… solve the problem of the price of electricity .

For 8 months now our mamamouchis have been twisting themselves in all directions so as not to solve the problem.

Why ?


That sound of the Europaths. A europath is a psychopath of European ideology.

It is Europe that sets the rules that set electricity prices.

Europe is a Totem.

Even when it falls on the corner of your face, and there it is in the face.

You don’t touch a totem.

And in order not to touch a European Totem, well, we do the worst nonsense.

Spreading shit doesn’t change the smell…

“Guested on France Info on Tuesday, Elisabeth Borne also asked energy companies to “allow companies in difficulty to spread their bills” for the first months of the year.
Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday that companies in difficulty and in particular bakers, hit hard by the increase in energy prices, will be able to “request the postponement of the payment of their taxes and social security contributions” to relieve their cash.

The head of government also wished on franceinfo that the bakers, who must be received at Bercy in the morning, could also “spread out” the energy bills for the first months of the year “to get through this difficult time in terms of cash”.

Aid “not sufficiently known”

Beyond that, she assured that the prefectures would be mobilized to study the difficulties that would remain “on a case-by-case basis”. “Overall, with these various aids, we cover around 40% of the electricity bill”, assured Elisabeth Borne, who also regretted that most of the aid in place is “not sufficiently well known. ” companies “.

So let’s go back to Babeth’s delirium which goes beyond the bounds.

1/ We are going to spread out the bills that still have to be paid. But my dear Babeth, when it’s no longer profitable to produce, even with an invoice it’s no longer profitable to produce. So we stop producing and we put everyone on technical unemployment like William Saurin, but I am a simple man from the Norman attic.

2/ We are going to shift the social charges and the taxes and the PGE and the credits and, and, and… in the end you still have to go to the cash register, and since it is no longer profitable, then they will all file for bankruptcy . The problem is not to shift taxes to pay for electricity, except to say, that we ensure the profits of the electricity companies with tax money. Mind-boggling reasoning.

3/ For our national Babeth, it is the fault of the companies which do not go to the one-stop shop of the prefecture to beg. Again, it’s surreal. It’s not her fault for designing gas plants without Russian gas, it’s the fault of the companies… who don’t understand anything about it, because no one understands their nonsense anymore.

Solve the energy price problem! Point !

So Mr. President, Madam Prime Minister, the problem is simple.

It is a problem of the price of electricity.

So… we set a price for electricity that people can pay and businesses can too.

There are two ways to do this.

We suspend our participation in European rules (we will return if we want later and when the dust has settled).

We’re making a universal energy shield.

The first solution is “anti-European” and therefore anti-Totem, so yuck poo-pudding poo will say the Europaths.

The second will terribly increase the deficits since it is the State which will pay the difference between the true price of electricity and the false price invented and imposed by the rules of Brussels.

This is where our two happy children from the nursery, Babeth and Manu, who still do not want to decide and who procrastinate, are at.

They will kill everyone. They are destroyers.

Are they doing it on purpose?

Many of you in the comments say that it is voluntary. But you know at this point it doesn’t make any difference to the effects. Whether they do it on purpose or whether they are incompetent assholes doesn’t change anything immediately. In any case, they kill and destroy the economic fabric of our country, its jobs and its wealth.

The answer to this question will be provided by the future and the possible trials of Moscow which will be held, or not, in Paris to judge or not the guilt at least of these marioles who are in charge.

We will not pass the year 2023 without massive destruction in our economic system which was saved for 600 billion two years ago and which is being crushed today by the inability of two people to make the right decision. Suspend France’s participation in the European pricing mechanism.

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It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !

Charles SANNAT

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“Mariole. Faced with the delirious prices of electricity, Borne proposes to companies to postpone the payment of taxes and contributions”. Editorial by Charles SANNAT – Insolentiae