Martin Lawrence & Melissa Roxburgh Hunt Copycat Killer

Lionsgate has released the official trailer for mental cage, a star-studded new crime thriller about two detectives on the hunt for a copycat serial killer. Centered on the starry trio of Martin Lawrence, Melissa Roxburghand Oscar nominee John Malkovich, the trailer gives their reluctant partnership to stop the killer from claiming more victims for his disturbing art. Along the way, the case becomes deeply personal for the two detectives as they find themselves caught in the web of both the copycat and the original killer.

The trailer begins on a twisted note as a priest notices a strange angel statue in his church that happens to be a serial killer’s latest twisted piece. When Jake Doyle (Lawrence) sees the Angel, he’s immediately haunted by a past case involving The Artist (Malkovich), a brilliant but deranged murderer who turned his victims into exhibits. Jake helped put him behind bars for good, but now he’s forced to face his worst fear – a copycat. In order to root out the killer, he teams up with Detective Mary Kelly (Roxburgh) and the two go to a meeting with the original killer for some sort of lead. Before they can begin, however, Jake reveals that the matter is more personal than he originally implied, as the entertainer also killed his former partner.

Despite Jake’s desire to see The Artist pay for his crimes, Mary can’t get anything from the killer without making a deal to commute his death sentence. Even once they respond to his requests, he only gives questionable help. His folly is on full display as he speaks in riddles and religious imagery of his and the imitator’s “art”. He ends up turning this game of cat and mouse into a race against time when he deduces that Mary is the impersonator’s next victim. When detectives discover that his entire life is sprawling on the killer’s walls, disturbing reality sets in and sparks a tense race to stop the psychopath and save Mary’s life.

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mental cage marks just Lawrence’s third role since 2015. He’s been outside Hollywood’s inner circle for a while now, only recently returning to the big screen with bad boys for life in 2020. It’s a bit of an unusual turn for the comedian best known for making audiences laugh with the Bad Boys franchise, Big Mama’s houseand Martinbut with Manifestis Roxburgh and In the line of fire‘s Malkovich by his side, he will have the opportunity to flex his dramatic muscles.

Safer mental cageDirector and screenwriter

Mauro Borelli directs the film from a script written by a frequent collaborator Reggie Keyohara III. Together, the two have co-written several films, the most recent of which is war hunt featuring Robert Knepper and mickey rourke as good as The reminder with Wesley Snipes in 2017. Alone, Borrelli has been a sporadic contributor to the art department on a number of Disney projects.

mental cage due out on December 16. Check out the trailer below.

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