Messina Denaro, “interesting pizzini” from one hideout to another. The driver remains in his cell

The hunt by the investigators for Matteo Messina Denaro’s supporters and the hideouts used by the boss to hide continues unabated. Elements considered “very important” by the investigators are emerging from the searches in progress: ‘pizzini’, names, telephone numbers and acronyms could speed up the investigation coordinated by the Palermo prosecutor’s office to trace the protection network it has guaranteed for thirty years the inaction of the mafia boss.

AS WELL AS JEWELS AND STONES of substantial value, the discovery of personal effects are allowing the experts to enrich the profile of Messina Denaro, who in the first hideout had posted a poster of Marlon Brando in the role of Francis Ford Coppola’s “Godfather” on a wall, and in a the other is the portrait of the Joker, the psychopath from the Batman saga, with the inscription below: “There is always a way out but if you don’t find it, you’ll break through everything”.

THE HOUSES IN VIA CB31via Maggiore Toselli and via San Giovanni, sieved by the Ris of the carabinieri, by the squadron of the ‘Sicily Hunters’ and by the forensics of the police, are found a short distance from each other, in a space of a few hundred meters and all just a few minutes walk from the Vito bar, the meeting place for the mafia boss’ loyalists, where 35 people were arrested just four months ago.

THE INVESTIGATORS STAY also working inside the house seized from the mother of Andrea Bonafede, the alias of Messina Denaro: this house is also located near the identified hideouts, on the ground floor with two entrances in via Marsala and via Cusmano. And yesterday the investigators checked three other houses, belonging to the lawyer Antonio Messina. The first two are located in Campobello di Mazara: one in via Galileo Galilei and the other on the corner between via Scuderi and via Selinunte, opposite the house of Salvatore Messina Denaro, brother of the boss already raided last Monday; the third in Torre Granitola, on the coast of Mazara del Vallo, summer residence of the lawyer, near the headquarters of the Ias Cnr. Antonio Messina, 77 years old, is a well-known character in the judicial chronicles. He was convicted of drug trafficking in the 90s. Together with him were the former mayor of the Municipality of Castelvetrano Antonio Vaccarino, who on behalf of the secret services entered into correspondence with Messina Denaro under the name of “Svetonius”, and the men of honor Nunzio Spezia and Franco Luppino. Messina, disbarred from the professional order, close to Freemasonry, in June 2021 he was acquitted of the charge of international drug trafficking as part of the “Eden 3” investigation which revolved precisely around the figure of Matteo Messina Denaro.

ACCEPTING THE REQUEST the prosecutor of the DDA of Palermo Piero Padova, the investigating judge Fabio Pilato meanwhile ordered the precautionary custody in prison for Giovanni Luppino, the olive farmer who acted as a driver in Messina Denaro and was arrested on Monday together with the mafia boss. Luppino, questioned by the investigating judge during the hearing to validate the arrest in flagrante delicto, denied having been aware of the identity of the “passenger” whom he had accompanied to the La Maddalena private clinic, the place where the blitz of the Ros. He told the judge that he had met the man he brought to the clinic a few months earlier because he had been introduced to him by a fellow villager, Andrea Bonafede, like him his brother-in-law. Since then he would never see the boss again until Sunday, when the latter, whom he knew by the name of Francesco, asked him to give him a lift to Palermo where he was supposed to undergo chemotherapy. A version that, according to the prosecutor’s office, would be completely invented.

THE FARMER ANSWERS of aiding and abetting and procured non-compliance with the sentence aggravated by the mafia method. An 18.5 cm long switchblade, two mobile phones placed in airplane mode before being turned off, as well as a very long series of tickets and handwritten sheets with telephone numbers, names and notes of various kinds were confiscated from the farmer , with an obscure content “and of extreme investigative interest”. For the investigating judge, “an in-depth investigation is needed on the discovery of the numerous pizzini with opaque content, which could open up new scenarios”. It is precisely by addressing Luppino, when he realized that he was now trapped because surrounded by the men of the Ros in the clinic, Messina Denaro would have exclaimed: “It’s over”.

Messina Denaro, “interesting pizzini” from one hideout to another. The driver remains in his cell