‘Moonage’, the life of Bowie, premiere today at the Imax | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones

Thursday, September 15, 2022 | 3:00 a.m.

Continuing with the celebrations for its sixth anniversary, the Imax of Knowledge brings to the billboard two films that promise to capture the attention of fans.

On the one hand, Moonage is released, a cinematographic and musical tour about the history of renowned singer David Bowie. And on the other, comes Emergency in the air, a plot in which suspense and catastrophe become protagonists. These are two different genres, but they share the genius of their directors and their aesthetic projects.

Tickets to enjoy both screenings can now be purchased at the central ticket office as well as through the imaxdelognition.com website.

film tribute

Moonage is a documentary film in which music lovers will find a fusion between the fantastic and the dreamlike to narrate the life of David Bowie, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

Brett Morgen (Cobain: montage of heck) is the filmmaker behind this unique take on Bowie’s career. A work that combines colors, music, animations and archive material to offer a biography that, without being the most complete, allows us to learn more about David Robert Jones (David Bowie), the talented young man born in a popular neighborhood of Brixton, to the south of From london.

With an artistic career spanning almost five decades, the only permanent thing about her was change. For example, the one that took him from glam to electronics and from being Ziggy to El Duque, going through Halloween Jack and The Soul Man.

The Korean film released in 2021 received very good reviews at the Cannes.

According to specialized critics, the film is “an unforgettable emotional, musical and sensory experience” for Bowie fans and also for those who want to “explore his unique universe.”

“It’s a wildly creative tribute to all that Bowie accomplished during his career, sets the bar high for movie fan service and leaves you buzzing,” commented Tim Robey of England’s The Telegraph newspaper.

catastrophe and despair

The second film was critically acclaimed at its Cannes premiere, titled Emergency in the Air and the viewer is truly breathless in a suspenseful drama.

This Korean film, acclaimed during its premiere in 2021, is a thriller that plays with the viewer’s emotions: the tension of confinement in the air and the drama of families and authorities on the ground.

The film’s cast is tailored, bringing together stars from The Squidward Game and Parasite, involving terrorism and the hijacking of a plane bound for Hawaii.

The film takes its time to narrate the micro-stories of each character within the flight.

The father with his daughter, the psychopath who plants the virus, the policeman’s wife, the pilots and the stewardesses, among others. They will all have their quarter of an hour and come together in the climax of the film.

Plagued with vertigo, the film confirms once again the good moment of South Korean cinema.

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With the Club El Territorio card you can enjoy a 2×1 every Thursday and Friday, except on premiere days. I purchased the tickets on the imaxdelognition website or on the Imax app.

‘Moonage’, the life of Bowie, premiere today at the Imax | THE TERRITORY news from Misiones