More beautiful life: “It was very trying” … Valérie Baurens (Agathe Robin) recounts the difficult filming of the escape of the prisoners from Baumettes

This Thursday, September 15, More beautiful life on France 3 found six characters including four villains with a highly anticipated new plot, called The escapees. There are among the inmates of the Baumettes who are escaping, doctor Livia (Philippe Granarolo whose daughter made a short appearance), the serial killer, Lorraine Fournier (Laurence Cormerais), who wanted Rachel’s (Colette Renard) inheritance and killed a man in 2007, Pavel (Laurent Hennequin whose son resembles him like two drops of water and who miraculously recovered after a visit to Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille), the villainous boss who raged at the Mistral, Stan Mercier (Cyril Durel who we saw in the role of Swan Freyssinet in Here it all starts), another psychopath killed for the murder of Melmont but also Djawad (David Baiot who recently showed his buttocks), who was serving a 4-year sentence for drug trafficking and finally Agathe (Valérie Baurens who now plays in Here it all starts), sentenced for killing her mac. His interpreter confided in this return.

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“I had made several foot calls to the production of More beautiful life to come back”

Télé Did you hesitate before agreeing to return to More beautiful life?

Valerie Baurens: Not a single second! It’s been a long time since I really wanted to come back and it didn’t happen for lots of reasons that I don’t necessarily know. I had made several foot calls. The conditions were not met for a possible return of Agathe. I think my partner Pierre Martot’s perseverance paid off. He spoke regularly about me to the production.

How did you react when you read the script for this plot of Les Évadés?

(She laughs) I was very moved. I haven’t read it in full. I focused on the return scenes. I didn’t necessarily want to know what was going to happen next. I proceeded in stages. I was confused because Agathe was not in prison at all when she left in 2012. She was in South America with her son Maxime. I wanted to discover things at the same time as my character. I wanted to be surprised.

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“We shot this summer in the heat”

How was the filming of the escape?

It was a very difficult day, very trying. We shot this summer in the heat on a stretch of road with not a single tree on the horizon. Above all, it was not necessary to operate the air conditioning for technical reasons. We all held on by sticking together to get to the end of this shoot! This heat serves the scenes, because we are all sweaty.

What did you do between More beautiful life and your last appearance in Here it all starts?

I took care of my son for a long time. I played this role thoroughly. I discovered that I was a mother hen, very attentive. It took me a lot of time and energy. I had no more room for the rest. I then had the chance to meet Alexis Michalik. I’m part of the cast ofEdmund which has been playing at the Théâtre du Palais Royal since 2017 and in which I notably play Sarah Bernhardt. I continue to play this role alternately.

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More beautiful life stop but Here it all starts go on… Will we see you again in the series?

I do not know at all. It’s a big unknown. They themselves did not give me more information on the continuation of my character.

More beautiful life: “It was very trying” … Valérie Baurens (Agathe Robin) recounts the difficult filming of the escape of the prisoners from Baumettes